Una Medica introduces non-surgical solutions for hair loss, thinning hair

Aside from fine lines and wrinkles on the skin, another sign that gives away our real age is our hair – from white strands to receding hairline, and eventually, hair loss! However, thinning hair isn’t only due to age. This can happen after pregnancy and menopause, or as a result of medications, genetics, medical problems, and heredity. No matter what the reason is, Una Medica is offering two non-surgical ways to reverse hair loss and help Filipinos feel more confident without spending a fortune – Hair Regrowth PRP and Pro Hair MD.

Before and after: 1 Month (Source: Una Medica PH’s Instagram page.)

For patches: Hair Regrowth PRP

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, which contains a rich and concentrated mix of cytokines and growth factors that can be activated and infused into the areas of thinning hair. This will eventually lead to the stimulation of dormant hair follicles and hair regeneration within 4-6 weeks.

According to Dr. Jenina Escalderon of Una Medica, this non-surgical hair restoration “consists of the application of (our) own Platelet Rich Plasma topically and meso-needling into the area of thinning hair.”

To see measurable results, it may take three to six months from initial treatment with regular sessions.

Before and After: 2 Sessions (Source: Una Medica PH’s Instagram page)

For bigger areas: Pro Hair MD

Since a lot of their patients prefer faster results, Dr. Escalderon also suggests undergoing their Pro Hair MD treatment. It’s an upgraded version of Hair Regrowth PRP wherein our own growth factors and blood, along with exosome and stem cells, are incorporated with natural medicine extracts and reinfused into the scalp. A total of seven peptides, exosomes and hyaluronic-acid are infused in the hair and scalp.

Both treatments take around an hour and a half – including blood extraction, preparation, and infusion. Although it involves blood, Dr. Escalderon ensures her patients that these treatments have no scarring, no downtime, and no side effects.

“We recommend starting with one treatment, spaced 3-4 weeks apart for best results. You will need 3 sessions to complete 1 cycle. As with other non-invasive procedures, maintenance treatments are suggested every 6 months to 1 year to maintain hair regeneration,” explains Dr. Escalderon.

Both Hair Regrowth PRP and Pro Hair MD costs between Php 5,000 to Php 15,000 depending on the size of the area to be treated. To get a quote for treatments that best suit your needs, set an appointment at Una Medica via Facebook or visit their clinic:

Open everyday from 10am to 6pm (except Thursdays)

Address: 656 Del Monte Avenue, Quezon City

Landmark: Near Save More Araneta – Del Monte

Mobile: (0945) 867 6822

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  1. Ay wow,ngayon ko lang may ganitong treatment pala, thanks for sharing this Ms.ces
    This is amazing treatment
    At kitang kita din yung magandang results after 2 sessions ❤️

  2. Wow. Napakalaking tulong ng ganitong non-surgical solutions for hair loss. Kitang kita rin ang effectiveness ng treatment na ito.

  3. Such a great and So much Helpful Treatment Ms. Ces, sobrang Laking Tulong po talaga lalo na sa mga may problema about sa pagkakaharon ng ganitong problema sa Hair. This will so much Effective For Sure. At sulit na sulit ang ibabayad Mo. Kasi alam mong magiging Maayos at successful ang treatment

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