LIST: Experience all kinds of love with these Netflix shows this February

Love is once again the air! While it should be there 24/7, February puts a special spotlight on romance because of Valentine’s Day. There are actually four kinds of love — eros for erotic and passionate love, philia for friends, storge for family members, and agape for mankind. While these are the four main types, there are sub-groups like mania for obsessive love, ludus for playful love, and pragma for enduring love, to name a few. We’ve seen these types play out as themes in movies and series, including Netflix shows this month, so here’s a list to give you a taste of all kinds:

Your Place or Mine

Watch if: You want a feel of LDR, friends-to-lovers story

I was able to watch this on the big screen last Friday (February 10) together with our friends from Netflix and although I’m not a huge fan of romcoms, there’s something about Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher that makes it work. It’s the kind of love story that makes you believe in chances and in a kind of love that begins with friendship.

Your Place or Mine is about two best friends, total opposites, who swap homes for a week due to a totally wholesome reason. Majority of the scenes are of them being apart, but see, LDR may work from time to time!

Love to Hate You

Watch if: You love Korean shows, “the more you hate, the more you love” vibes, if you don’t believe in love but want to!

For an attorney who despises losing to men and an A-list actor who distrusts women, love means nothing until they’re forced to date each other. Love is patient, right? It comes in the right time and in the most unexpected way possible. Just take it from Kim Ok-bin nd Yoo Teo.

Dear David

Watch if: You want something about young, innocent love

This Indonesian coming-of-age movie is about Laras, a seemingly typical straight-A student, who keeps a risque fantasy blog about her crush, David. It gets leaked to everyone at school and that’s where all the fun begins. Think they’ll end up together?

Love is Blind: Season 3

Watch if: You like reality shows, want a peek into life after the altar

I’m a fan of reality shows even though there’s a high chance that they’re scripted. There’s just a different kind of allure seeing “normal people” instead of celebrities on cam. Now on its third season, Love is Blind explores the stories of the season’s former fiancés, one year after their decision to either get married or remain single. Spill the tea!

YOU: Season 4

Watch if: You’re into psychological/thriller shows, want to see how love can drive one mad… in a bad way.

Joe (played by Penn Badgley) has been saying that he’ll stop killing people for the past three seasons. Will Season 4 finally give him a break? I’m not so sure as he’s the type of person who likes twisted romance and the thrill that obsessive love brings. YOU: Season 4 will be available in two parts — Part 1 starting February 9 and Part 2 by March 9.

Other shows on our list:

  • Sex/Life: Season 2 (Reality Show)
  • True Beauty (Korean Drama)
  • Freeridge (Coming-of-Age)
  • Too Hot to Handle: Germany (Reality Show)
  • Perfect Match (Reality Show)

Watch these on your own or with your partner! Netflix houses thousands of movies and TV shows that will surely fit your mood for Valentine’s Day.

Thanks to Netflix House of Love for giving us a peek at much-awaited shows this month!

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  1. At humaba na ulit ang aking list, haha. Lahat maganda but I got curious sa Love is Blind and YOU, so uunahin ko sigurong panooring itong dalawa. Thanks for sharing this list of movies about love na pwedeng ma enjoy this Feb-ibig month.

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