Carbon Laser to treat chicken skin and excessive sweating: Does it work?

It’s summer again in a few months! While it’s a fun season for some, it can be dreadful for people like me who sweat a lot and tend to have chicken skin – a common condition known as “keratosis pilaris” or patches of rough bumps on the skin. While it shouldn’t make any of us feel less beautiful than we already are, having these may be uncomfortable. Imagine constantly needing to wipe your body, change clothes, and even check for sweat stains!

To help lessen both sweating and chicken skin, Una Medica Health and Aesthetic Clinic recommends undergoing Carbon Laser Treatment – a painless non-invasive procedure which helps lessen sweating, address chicken skin and wrinkles, improve skin texture, and stimulate collagen growth. This treatment is equivalent to multiple chemical peels but effects are instant. It’s also being used on the face (some clinics call it Hollywood Laser), but in this blog, we’ll focus on the underarms.

Note: Do not use Carbon Laser on areas of the body where you apply retinol. Skip retinol a week before the treatment to avoid adverse effects.


After filling out the patient data form and a quick consultation with Dr. Jenina Escalderon – Una Medica’s resident aesthetician, I was asked to change to comfy robes to ensure that the carbon and creams to be applied on my skin won’t stain my clothes. The procedure took only aruond 30-45 minutes for both my underarms and knees.

The treatment started with the usual skin cleansing, followed by carbon application. It looks like coal in liquid form, thus the black color. After application, you’ll have to wait for a few minutes for it to dry. In my case, a mini fan was used to help dry it out.

Then comes the fun part: Laser! I was given eye shields to protect my eyes so I only saw hints of blinking lights. On the skin, the laser will be used to bind the carbon to the epidermis layer via a “low-energy setting” on Una Medica’s machine. You’ll be hearing beeps throughout the treatment and may smell something burning – partly the carbon heating up and also mini armpit hair getting zapped, but no need to worry as it’s completely safe! The laser will be passing through all areas covered by carbon until it’s all gone. You’ll only feel slight flicking sensation on your skin but you’ll get used to it.

Once all the carbon has been zapped, your armpits will be cleansed again. Expect slight stinging after, but you can request for it to be cooled down using their mini fan. A cream will be applied as the last step.


According to Dr. Escalderon, one session is enough to lessen sweating and chicken skin. However, if you’d like to achieve skin whitening, which is also another effect of the Carbon Laser, you’ll need to visit their clinic weekly for around 3-8 sessions in order to see results.

After two sessions, I noticed that the patch of chicken skin on my lower right armpit already disappeared and my underarm sweating also lessened. I may not have photos to prove this as I’m only basing the effects on how it feels like (who takes and saves photos of themselves with baskil, anyway?), but I would recommend it to people who have the same case as mine.

Note, however, that we all have different types of bodies and skin condition so it’s best to consult with your doctor or licensed aesthetician like Dr. Escalderon to know what kind of treatment would work best for your case.


Carbon Laser Treatment costs Php 2,500 per session – quite costly but effects are instant so I believe it’s worth the price. You can also wait for sale season to get it at a discounted price. Una Medica usually offers their treatments in bundles or you can consult Dr. Escalderon for the best package that you can avail.

Schedule your visit by sending a message via, email, call 09458676822 or pay them a visit at 656 Del Monte, Quezon City. They’re very responsive on Facebook so feel free to send them a PM for inquiries!

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5 Replies to “Carbon Laser to treat chicken skin and excessive sweating: Does it work?”

  1. This is nice treatment for chicken skin and excessive sweating!
    Plus every affordable pa
    It worth to having this sessions
    And thank you for sharing your experience Ms.ces

  2. Isa ito sa matagal ko ng gustong ipagawa na treatment kaso ang hirap mag ipon, hehe. Ganito pala ang procedure ng carbon laser treatment. May idea na ako sa procedure and sa presyo. Thank you po for sharing. Have a blessed day po.

  3. One of the best treat/pamper time for yourself, sarap maExperience nito lalo na’t isa ang underarm sa mga itinatago ng karamihan . Salamat sa pagbahagi ng Experience Mo Ms. Ces grabe everyone must need this

  4. Gusto ko dn ma experience ung carbon laser na ito . Perfect selfcare din . Dapat pala wag mag retinol bago ang treatment . Thanks for sharing this , very informtive and helpful ito sa mga gustong mag pa carbon laser ❤️

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