LIST: A-paw-rdable treats for our fur babies this 9.9

As fur moms and dads, we want what’s best for our cats. They even have more expensive bowls, hospital fees, and even grooming services than us! However, picking the best options for our fur babies don’t always have to break the bank. During double-digit sale days, we can enjoy big discounts, free shipping, and other shop vouchers from our favorite brands.

Take WHISKAS as an example. They’re offering up to 40% off during the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day! While we’ve already blogged about some during World Cat Day, here are links to sets that you can get below Php 200:

1.Adult Cat Kit (WHISKAS + Temptations)

Price: Php 154

For a limited time, you can get an Adult Cat Kit for cats one year old and above, which contains a WHISKAS Ocean Fish Pouch, WHISKAS Mackerel Pouch, Temptations Creame Purrrr-ee Chicken and Tuna, and Temptations Chicken. This combination would probably cost double the sale price on a regular day! Eevee, our white Persian-Siamese cat, loves both WHISKAS and Temptations, by the way! Even her mom, Pepper, used to eat Temptations treats before she gave birth.

2. WHISKAS Skin and Coat + Sheba Melty Salmon

Price: Php 114

For those with cats that tend to have dry skin, WHISKAS Skin and Coat can help maintain healthy skin and coat, strengthen immune system, and bulk up muscles. Pair that with a free Sheba Melty Salmon stick and your cat will surely be wanting more treats! I personally prefer giving our cats some stick treats like Sheba Melty Salmon instead of those in biscuit form since Mew and Eevee tend to be clingier than usual when I give them one!

3. WHISKAS Cat Food Wet Pouch (6-pack)

Price: Php 163

WHISKAS contains Taurine for healthy vision and bright eyes, Omega Oil for a shiny coat, and Vitamin E for a strong immune system. There are three flavors that we usually choose from and they’re all #MewApproved: Ocean Fish FlavorTuna Flavor, and Mackerel.

4. WHISKAS Pocket Indoor + Sheba Melty Salmon

Price: Php 114

For fur parents who are bothered by the smell of poop, WHISKAS also offers an Indoor variant which helps control stool odor and maintain a cat’s weight. However, if your pet’s stool is already weirdly stinky or if ever it appears unusual, please see your vet immediately!

5. WHISKAS Tasty Mix Cat Food (3-pack)

Price: Php 99

For picky eaters, a mix of tasty flavors usually does the trick. WHISKAS offers wet food in an even tastier mix of three main ingredients –chicken, salmon, and wakame seaweed. Smells good, too! Just like the wet food pouch previously mentioned, it comes in a small pouch that can easily be packed during travels.

Aside from the discounted prices above, expect to get free gifts, discounts, free shipping vouchers, and even piso deals in the next 24 hours. There are also shop vouchers up to Php 100 off that you can claim at the Pedigree & Whiskas Shopee Mall homepage. Happy 9.9!

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  1. Yay! Add to cart na this #ShopeePH99SuperShoppingDay for our cats! Sure na magugustuhan nila ito and may mga vouchers din 🥰

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