These ‘super’ power banks can help you get geared up for typhoon season

September’s here and so are typhoons and heavy rainfalls! While having power banks for mobile use can be handy, it’s just not enough, especially for freelancers like me whose work never stops — rain or shine. In case of inevitable blackouts, it’s best to have a portable power station that can supply energy for devices, big and small. Yes, laptops included!

Meet the EcoFlow DELTA series with models ranging from personal to family use:

DELTA 1300 and 1000

For those with families who use multiple devices and home appliances, the DELTA 1300 and 1000 can support devices that use power under 1800W. Think desktop computers, single electric stoves, and mobile devices. Your work and study won’t have to be interrupted in case the electricity goes out.


If you like to be on the go, the DELTA Mini is a perfect choice. It’s the lightest of all the DELTA models but packs just the right amount of battery power to support your lifestyle. With an output of 1400W, it can handle most electronic devices like hair dryers, toasters, and even a table saw.

Delta Mini


This expandable model has extra batteries so you can power more of your devices. It can expand its power up to 6kWh and can handle heavy-duty appliances that use 3400W and below. With DELTA Max, you won’t have spoiled food or wet laundry because it can power your refrigerator and dryer. 



The best model in the series, DELTA Pro combines all the features of the other models and makes it even better. It has a 3.6kWh capacity that expands to 25kWh thanks to its customizable function that lets you add Extra Batteries, Smart Generators, and a Smart Home Panel. You can even pair two units together and get to 7200W capacity. 

All the DELTA models are equipped with fast charging technology and come with multiple outlet types like AC and USB. They can be charged using the EcoFlow 220W Bifacial Portable Solar Panel which is sold separately.

The bifacial features a 220W primary side and a 155W side on the back that lets you capture up to 25% more solar energy for faster charging of your DELTA model. Made with tempered glass, it is five times tougher than comparable brands and can withstand heat of 300°F.

Moreover, the bifacial solar panel is dust- and water-proof so it’s protected from the elements while in use. It also comes with a carry case so it’s just as portable as the DELTA power stations.


Which DELTA model suits your lifestyle? Find out more through this link.

EcoFlow aims to be the industry leader in providing the world’s most innovative and eco-friendly power solutions. The goal is to reinvent the way people access power through renewable, clean, and technology-driven products.

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