#OOTD INSPI-rations: Where to get oversized unisex shirts as low as Php 150

Time for another double-digit sale! For those who are looking for outfits on the comfy yet artsy side, oversized shirts are worth considering this 9.9 Super Shopping Day. On INSPI‘s Shopee page alone, you’ll find eye-catching designs as low as Php 150, discount vouchers, and free shipping vouchers up for grabs!

Oversized shirts have been a thing since the ’90s so it’s not something new for ’90s kids like me who used to wear them with baggy pants or jumpsuits. The ones with really huge and colorful artworks are my favorites and I’m glad that they’re back in style this year. In case you haven’t tried them yet, here are some affordable suggestions that are available in different sizes at the INSPI store:

1.Minimalist Batman Oversized Shirts

Price: Php 185

For those who don’t want huge prints on their shirts and are probably tired of the usual black-and-white base, these minimalist Batman oversized shirt designs are a good alternative. It comes in Acid Gray, Brown, Mocha, Clay, and Khaki to give your wardrobe some pop of color. It also shows you’re a Batman fan in a really subtle way. Add chunky choker necklaces and some bling, and you’re good to go!

2. Batman and Superman Oversized Shirts with Medium-Sized Prints

Price: Php 265

If you’re ready to go to the next level, there’s another set where you can find Batman and Superman designs in medium-sized prints. The Batman, Superman, and This is My City designs contain a length-wise print of the characters, while the Defender and Superman Tattoo Logo take up most of the chest part area of the shirt. Recommendable for DC fans.

3. Oversized Graphic Tees

Price: Php 182

I’m currently eyeing this set, which is part of the 9.9 Flash Deals. You can get up to 62% off on September 9 on top of the shop and platform vouchers! Designs range from huge logos to Japanese-inspired prints like that of a Daruma and Geisha. The prints are big enough to stand out from the crowd, in my opinion.

4. Oversized Daydreamer Collection

Price: Php 218- 265

If you love typical hip-hop and rap album covers, the INSPI Daydreamer Collection would be a good choice for oversized tees. Even though it only comes it black and white colors, the prints contain vibrant colors and huge designs created by Filipino artists. It comes in 12 different designs — Fly Away, Love Yourself First, Paradise, Daydreamer, Melancholic Tendency, Chaos, Diversity, Evolve or Repeat, Ornamental Kitsune, Saturated, Tokyo, and Your Voice. I personally love Chaos and Ornamental Kitsune!

You might be wondering where the shirts worth Php 150 are, so here’s a tip: Before checking out, claim the INSPI store vouchers — Php 10 OFF, Php 5 OFF, Php 50 OFF, and Php 10% OFF. This isn’t part of the check out vouchers so you can still add either a discount voucher or free shipping voucher for more savings! In fact, you might even reach less than Php 150 if you do that, depending on the total price of the item.

Ready to check out? Happy 9.9! Spend wisely! 🙂

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*Photos courtesy of Shopee/INSPI


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