LIST: Celebrate ‘World Dog Day’ with treats up to 35% off from these doggo brands

Did you know that International Dog Day is being celebrated every August 26? While it’s probably dog day every day for fur parents, given how clingy and extra cuddly these fur babies are, we have more reasons to celebrate and spoil our dogs because Pedigree & Whiskas Super Brand Day is ongoing! From August 22 – 30, dog food and dog treats from brands like Pedigree, Cesar, and IAMS will be on sale up to 35% off and we’re all entitled to make the most out of it. To make every purchase more meaningful, Pedigree is also donating 10% of the proceeds as meals to Animal Kingdom Foundation pet shelter. Not only are you treating your own doggos to yummy food, you’ll also get to pay the love forward to strays!

In case you need some recommendations for your pet-turned-family, here’s a list of meals and snacks that our own babies like. Tuffy and Beanie (in photo above) grew up eating a mix of raw food, dry food, and wet food. They’re a bit picky so I believe you can trust their “exquisite” taste buds:

1.PEDIGREE DentaStix for Puppy

Price: Php 796 (originally Php 936)

I trust Pedigree when it comes to oral care. Ever since Beanie (2 years old) and Tuffy (11 years old) were a pup, they’ve been chewing on DentaStix. If you have a 3-12-month-old pup, you can start introducing these small dental treats for healthy gums. Past 1 year old, you can already transition to adult DentaStix. There are two variants if I remember correctly — Daily Fresh in green color with a more tea-like scent and Daily Oral Care with a more beefy scent. My dogs prefer the latter. The Triple Action benefit of Pedigree DentaStix helps reduce tartar build-up by 80%, based on Pedigree’s claims. I give my dogs one stick before bedtime.

2. PEDIGREE Dog Treats: Good Chew Treats (Beef Flavor)

Price: Php 1,173 (originally Php 1,380)

For small growing dogs who can’t help but chew everything around them such as shoes, earphones, and even furniture, giving them something that they can chew on for a long time like the Pedigree Good Chew Treats can help A LOT! Beanie loved chewing on expensive stuff — Funko Pops, shoes, and earphones. This treat somehow helped keep her entertained for hours. It’s tooth-friendly, easily digestible as per Pedigree, and it’s also rawhide-free. Treats with rawhide are a big no-no as they’re not easily digested, possibly causing complications in the long run!

3. PEDIGREE Dog Food Wet Beef Chunks in Gravy + Chicken Chunks in Gravy

Price: Php 758 (originally Php 888)

For days when they don’t touch their dry food, we go for wet food. To keep meal times exciting for our dogs, we also alternate flavors like Chicken in Gravy and Beef in Gravy. It smells good and I’m sure it tastes good as it gets devoured in a few minutes! According to Pedigree, this one helps develop dogs’ muscles, builds a strong immune system, maintains bone health and digestion, and keeps dogs’ fur shiny.

4. IAMS Proactive Health – Premium Dog Food for Adult Dogs

Price: Php 585 (originally 900)

Here’s a #ThrowbackTuesday photo of Tuffy with an IAMS pack way back Shopee’s 5.5 Brands Festival sale-lebration! She’s getting older so we give her easy-to-chew food mixed with wet food. IAMS is good for dogs’ digestive system since it has prebiotic, balanced nutrition, Omega 3, and Omega 6. The last two help keep the skin and coat healthy!

5. CESAR Wet Dog Food – Beef and Liver Flavor

Price: Php 385 (originally Php 432)

If not Pedigree, Cesar is also a good option when it comes to wet dog food. They have a Beef and Liver Flavor which can be served as is or with kibble. What I like about Cesar is that their ingredients include real meat, vitamins, amino acid, and sunflower oil, which are really miracle workers when it comes to skin and digestion. The scent is also enticing, even for a human, so I’m sure dogs would love it!

Aside from the discounted prices above, expect to get free gifts, discounts, and even free shipping vouchers upon checkout. There are also shop vouchers up to Php 80 off that you can claim at the Pedigree & Whiskas Shopee Mall homepage. Don’t miss it!

That’s all for today, feel free to send us a message if you have questions about paw-renting. We’d love to help out. 

Happy World Dog Day, everyone! Give your paw pals extra cuddles today! 🙂

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  1. Yass let’s treat our dogs with love and care! they’re our part of family, perfect to ngayong 9.9 super shopping sale🥰❤️

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