LIST: 7-Eleven items on SALE during #711Day!

It’s #711Day!! You know what that means — up to 50% off on over 200 items at 7-Eleven branches nationwide! It’s an annual celebration and I’m sure that Filipinos are already expecting huge discounts from a branch near their homes.

While we’ve already shared products that are on 50% off on July 11 — such as the Big Bite Hotdog and City Cafe coffee — via our Facebook page, the sale-lebration actually stretches until July 13. In fact, you might even see branches decorated with balloons and streamers for the whole month of July!

We’re all entitled and invited to make the most out of this month-long promo, so here’s a look at all the products you can cop in stores:

JULY 11, 2022

Selecta Vanilla Mochi 30ml₱55.00₱27.00
Selecta Viennetta Chocolate 650ml₱235.00₱117.00
7 Select Distilled Drinking Water 525ml₱20.00₱10.00
Natures Spring Distilled Water 6.6L₱96.00₱48.00
Passion Max Herbal Supplement for Men₱230.00₱115.00
GoutX Supplement 10s₱165.00₱82.00
Hansel Premium Cheese₱61.00₱30.00
Mrs Goodman Choco Oatmeal₱16.00₱8.00
Choco Mucho Pop Bites Dark Choco 40g₱19.00₱9.00
Choco Mucho Pop Bites Milk Choco 40g₱19.00₱9.00
Choco Mucho White Chocolate Caramel Wafer Roll 32g₱11.00₱5.00
Choco Mucho Peanut Butter 32g₱11.00₱5.00
Choco Mucho Chuncky and Chewy Peanut 37g₱15.00₱7.00
Culture Blend Coffee 2 in1 English Roast In Bag 20g₱13.00₱6.00
Culture Blend Coffee 3 in1 English Roast In Bag 20g₱13.00₱6.00
Novellino Strawberry Light Casual Red Wine 750ml₱350.00₱175.00
Primera Light Brandy 750ml₱145.00₱72.00
Suncoast Lightwater PET 1.2L₱40.00₱20.00
Blue Enlivening Orange PET 500ml₱37.00₱18.00
Blue Inspiring Calamansi PET 500ml₱37.00₱18.00
Blue Peppy Lychee PET 500ml₱37.00₱18.00
Blue Cactus Tangerine PET 500ml₱37.00₱18.00
Blue Cool Cucumber Lime PET 500ml₱37.00₱18.00
Bon O Bon with Peanut Cream Filling 15g₱11.00₱5.00
Bon O Bon Chocolate Filling 15g₱11.00₱5.00
Bon O Bon Strawberry Choco 15g₱11.00₱5.00
Cadbury Dairy Milk Pandan Coconut 90g₱100.00₱50.00
Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly 50g₱70.00₱35.00
Cadbury Dairy Milk Chips Ahoy 40g₱55.00₱27.00
Cadbury Oreo 40g₱55.00₱27.00
Tiger Crackers Leche Flan 25g₱8.00₱4.00
Tiger Crackers Ensaymada 25g₱8.00₱4.00
Tiger Crackers Plain 25g₱8.00₱4.00
Chips Ahoy Demi Convenience 95g₱60.00₱30.00
Goya Bits Tubes 40g₱39.00₱19.00
Hersheys Dark Chocolate 40g₱61.00₱30.00
Hersheys Milk Chocolate Bar 40g₱61.00₱30.00
Hersheys Creamy Milk Choco Almond 40g₱61.00₱30.00
36g Kisses Cookies N Creme₱65.00₱32.00
Vitasoy Milky Vanilla PET 300ml₱31.00₱15.00
Mentos Circus Fun Roll 37.5g₱33.00₱16.00
Chupa Chups Milky Caramel Lollipop 10.5g X 10₱55.00₱27.00
Chupa Chups Milky Strawbery and Cream Lollipop 10.5g x 10₱55.00₱27.00
Sola Iced Tea Lemon Can 250ml₱44.00₱22.00
Sola Ice Tea Raspberry Can 250ml₱44.00₱22.00
Sappe Beauti Drink Beautitox PET 360ml₱55.00₱27.00
California Scents Palms Car Scent Coronado Cherry₱47.00₱23.00
California Scents Palms Car Scent New Car Newport₱47.00₱23.00
Nutrifam Shirataki Rice Pouch 200g₱94.00₱47.00
Nutrifam Shirataki Noodles Pouch 200g₱94.00₱47.00
Nutrifam Organic Chia Seeds Pouch 100g₱134.00₱67.00
Chocomani Sakto Bars 9.5g₱35.00₱17.00
Pauline Paper Cup 8oz 25s₱69.00₱34.00
Pauline Paper Bowl 12s₱47.00₱23.00
Wookie Chocolate Chips Cookies 108g₱69.00₱34.00
Wookie Delicious Nut Cookies 108g₱69.00₱34.00
Wookie Glazed Fruit Cookies 108g₱69.00₱34.00
Wookie Butter Cream Cookies 108g₱69.00₱34.00
Tanoshi Butter Cheese 50g₱18.00₱9.00
Tanoshi Creamy Onion 50g₱18.00₱9.00
Tanoshi Spicy Barbecue 50g₱18.00₱9.00
Tanoshi Oat Milk Cookies 18g₱10.00₱5.00
Ok Wackie Corn Chips Wasabi Flavor 98g₱44.00₱22.00
Ok Wackie Corn Chips Salted Egg Flavor 98g₱44.00₱22.00
Ok Wackie Corn Chips Spicy Turkey Flavor 98g₱44.00₱22.00
LUMPIA SHANGHAI CEREAL ROLL Cheese 65g₱20.00₱10.00
LUMPIA SHANGHAI CEREAL ROLL Sweet Corn 65g₱20.00₱10.00
Tres Cepas Light Brandy 1L₱385.00₱192.00
The Bar Premium Dry Gin 700ml₱138.00₱69.00
Club Mix Lime Juice 350ml₱58.00₱29.00
Club Mix Apple Juice 350ml₱58.00₱29.00
The Bar Fruity Mix Green Grape 700ml₱130.00₱65.00
Gem Butane Gas 250g₱94.00₱47.00
Scents and Senses Air Freshener Assorted Scent₱170.00₱85.00
Zesto Fruit Zoda Pomelo 1.5L₱70.00₱35.00
Meiyi Herbs Essentials Massage Rub Azulene 10g₱72.00₱36.00
Meiyi Herbs Essentials Massage Rub Lemonin 10g₱72.00₱36.00
Colgate Optic White 40g₱74.00₱37.00
Colgate Triple Action 50ml₱87.00₱43.00
Axion Dishwashing Liquid Kalamansi 250ml₱85.00₱42.00
Colgate Portable Toothbrush Soft₱142.00₱71.00
Colgate Toothbrush Plus Twister free Travel Cap₱76.00₱38.00
Colgate CTB Extra Clean Toothbrush₱47.00₱23.00
Colgate Plax Peppermint 60ml₱41.00₱20.00
Palmolive Nat Shampoo Intnsive MoisturePink90ml₱70.00₱35.00
Female L Disposable Underwear 3s₱114.00₱57.00
Female M Disposable Underwear 3s₱114.00₱57.00
Male L Disposable Underwear 3s₱114.00₱57.00
Reusable Bag with Pocket Green₱55.00₱27.00
Male XL Disposable Underwear 3s₱114.00₱57.00
Reusable Bag with Pocket Red₱55.00₱27.00
Reusable Bag with Pocket Orange₱55.00₱27.00
Reusable Ziplock Bags₱88.00₱44.00
PP Air Fashion Reading Glasses 100 Grade₱208.00₱104.00
PP Air Fashion Reading Glasses 150 Grade₱208.00₱104.00
PP Air Fashion Reading Glasses 200 Grade₱208.00₱104.00
PP Air Fashion Reading Glasses 250 Grade₱208.00₱104.00
BIC Briteliner Grip Neon Yellow Green₱42.00₱21.00
BIC 4 Colors Classic₱100.00₱50.00
BIC Ecolutions Glue Stick 21g₱75.00₱37.00
Art Attack Colored Pencil 12s₱99.00₱49.00
Art Attack Wax Crayons 24s₱77.00₱38.00
AA 6 Balls of Yarn₱99.00₱49.00
Bioderm Soap Coolness 135g₱40.00₱20.00
Efficascent Relaxscent Oil 3ml₱65.00₱32.00
Safeguard Natural Detox Bamboo Charcoal 108g₱89.00₱44.00
H and S Shampoo Antibac 170ml₱189.00₱94.00
Mi Sedaap Fried Noodles Original Pouch 90g₱15.00₱7.00
Mi Sedaap Fried Noodles Korean Spicy Chicken Pouch 87g₱15.00₱7.00
Mi Sedaap Soup Noodles Singapore Spicy Laksa 83g₱15.00₱7.00
Mi Sedaap Fried Noodles Mi Goreng Ayam Krispi 88g₱15.00₱7.00
Homi Pancit Canton Toyomansi 60g₱11.00₱5.00
Zesto Sunburst Juice Yuzu Lemon Tetra 250ml₱26.00₱13.00
Zesto Sunburst Juice Fuji Apple Tetra 250ml₱26.00₱13.00
Sugus Strawberry Stick 10s 30g₱20.00₱10.00
Sugus Orange Stick 10s 30g₱20.00₱10.00
Locally Juice Dalandan Can 240ml₱28.00₱14.00
Locally Juice Guyabano Can 240ml₱28.00₱14.00
Locally Juice Calamansi Can 240ml₱28.00₱14.00
Barman Amaretto Sour 250ml₱125.00₱62.00
Barman Black Russian 250ml₱125.00₱62.00
Ginto Barrel Aged Gin 600ml₱148.00₱74.00
Gingerbon Honey Lemon 20g₱15.00₱7.00
Gingerbon Peppermint 20g₱15.00₱7.00
Pretz Harvest Purple Sweet Potato 34g₱59.00₱29.00
Nivea Extra Brightening Roll On 50ml₱146.00₱73.00
Nivea Men Invisible Black and White Power Roll On 50ml₱168.00₱84.00
Nivea For Men Cool Kick Roll On 50ml₱156.00₱78.00
Nivea Silver Protect Roll On 50ml₱144.00₱72.00
Nivea Body Extra White Firming Lotion 125ml₱205.00₱102.00
Nivea Extra Brightening Deo Roll 25ml₱103.00₱51.00
Nivea Intensive Moisture Body Milk 125ml₱148.00₱74.00
Fuwa Fuwa Everyday Loaf Japan Tasty 366g₱52.00₱26.00
Fuwa Fuwa Sweet Cream Cheese Bun₱42.00₱21.00
Fuwa Fuwa Chocolate Bun₱42.00₱21.00
Gardenia High-Fiber Wheat Raisin Loaf 400g₱90.00₱45.00
Gardenia High-Fiber Wheat Bread 400g₱71.00₱35.00
MD Filled Bar Fluffy Medley₱39.00₱19.00
ABC MI Goreng Shrimp Flavor Noodle 70G₱14.00₱7.00
Abc Mi Goreng Onion Chicken Flavor Noodle 65G₱13.00₱6.00
ABC Fried Instant Mi Goreng Dry Pouch 70g₱14.00₱7.00

JULY 8-13, 2022

Le Minerale Mountain Mineral Water PET 600ml₱15.00₱7.00
Le Minerale Mountain Mineral Water 1500ml₱29.00₱14.00
Tolak Angin Herbal Supplement 15ml₱12.00₱6.00
Tolak Angin Anak Herbal Supplement 10ml₱10.00₱5.00
E Swiss Hair Keratin 1min Treatment 20ml₱28.00₱14.00
Barrio Fiesta Extra Thick and Nutty Peanut Butter 170g₱90.00₱45.00
Barrio Fiesta Extra Thick and Creamy Peanut Butter 170g₱85.00₱42.00
Hygienix Alcohol with Moisturizer 500ml₱88.00₱44.00
Hygienix Anti-Bacterial Hand Spray 55ml₱52.00₱26.00
Hygienix Hand Sanitizer 55ml₱40.00₱20.00
Hygienix Alcohol 1L₱189.00₱94.00
Hershey’s Filled Nuggets Strawberry & Yogurt 6pk 56g₱85.00₱42.00
Hershey’s Filled Nuggets Creamy Milk & CNC 6pk 56g₱85.00₱42.00
Hershey’s Choco Tubes Hazelnut 18g₱25.00₱12.00
Hershey’s Choco Tubes Cookies & Cream 18g₱25.00₱12.00
Hersheys Nuggets Fld Yogurt 28g₱47.00₱23.00
Hersheys Nuggets Fld Strawberry 28g₱47.00₱23.00
Kopiko Lucky Day PET 180ml₱22.00₱11.00
Kopiko Iced RTD Blanca Bottle 180ml₱20.00₱10.00
Fit ‘n RIght Burn Apple 330ml₱39.00₱19.00
Fit ‘n Right Burn Pineapple 330ml₱39.00₱19.00
Fit ‘n Right Burn Four Seasons 330ml₱39.00₱19.00
Fit ‘n Right Burn Four Seasons 1L₱89.00₱44.00
Fit ‘n Right Burn Apple 1L₱89.00₱44.00
FNR CTRL Orange Pomegranate 330ml₱44.00₱22.00
Fit N Right CTRL Pineapple Passionfruit 330ml₱39.00₱19.00
Fit ‘n Right Detox Apple Cucumber 330ml₱44.00₱22.00
Glico Pretz Sweet Corn 31g₱49.00₱24.00
Red Bull Energy Drink Can 250ml₱90.00₱60.00
*Price may vary, please visit 7-Eleven Philippines’ website for more details

Happy birthday to us, 7-Eleven! Yes, we share the same birthday, that’s why I’ve loved them ever since I was a kid!

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  1. Happy 7/11 day 2022! 11:45 pm pa lang Ng July 10 nag abang na ko talaga sa labas Ng 7/11 namin Ang Dami agad tao. Super mura Ng mga bilihan and ang sasarap pa. Nakadami din kami Ng bili Ng anak ko. Sulit Ang pagpupuyat 😁🥰

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