TASTE TEST: NEW Jacob’s Creek Dots Cherry Red, Moscato, and Moscato Rosé

I used to think that wines are intimidating drinks that are only meant for people who were born knowledgeable about the proper way of handling glasses and nosing wine. My father taught me the 101s but it was rarely part of our social gatherings until “youthful” versions (a.k.a. sweeter, lighter, and easier-to-pair versions) were introduced to the market. Even non-wine drinker family and friends got hooked on the taste of one of my recent discoveries – the Jacob’s Creek Dots line! Having a bottle of Jacob’s Creek Cherry Red, Moscato, and Moscato Rosé ready on the dining table makes wine drinking more inclusive for everyone’s preferences. No wonder this brand is a hit in Australia!

To give you an idea about how it tastes like, along with details about the recently-launched Jacob’s Creek Cherry Red, here’s a quick rundown of each:

L-R: Jacob’s Creek Moscato, Moscato Rosé, and Cherry Red

WINE-TASTING TIP: When trying out different types of wine, the best way to check all aspects from appearance to flavor is to swirl it inside the glass before smelling it in order to capture the different notes. From here, you can sip (not gulp) and let the flavors sit on your tongue for better appreciation!


My go-to wine when I just want a sweet drink. This white wine is a good starter, especially for those who have no experience in drinking wine. It’s like a slightly fizzy sweet tropical fruit drink with a hint of citrus, except you’ll be able to feel the kick of alcohol after a few glasses. Don’t be fooled with its sweet taste because it has 7.2 alcohol by volume (ABV)! Much like how it tastes like, it smells amazing as well with its peach, melon, and nectarine notes.

Great to pair with spicy Asian food, gelato, or even fruit salads! I’ve tried it with Chicken Satay and Spicy Tuna Rolls, as recommended by Jacob’s Creek Wine Ambassador Billy Brigham during a wine-tasting event at Manila House last week, and it was remarkable!


If you love berries and would like to spice things up with a bit of alcohol, go for the Moscato Rosé. It does not only look pretty in its pale pink color, but also smells good with a mix of strawberry, raspberry, and Turkish Delight mix. Every sip tastes like zesty and refreshing berries with a hint of alcohol. Compared to the Jacob’s Creek Moscato, the Moscato Rosé’s taste lingers longer on your mouth.

As for the food pairings, you can also drink it with spicy Asian cuisine, seafood, and even cheese pizza! It also provides a good balance when you drink it with your strawberry gelato or fruit salad for dessert.  


The newest addition to the Dots line, the Jacob’s Creek Cherry Red, is a light-bodied red wine that’s full of flavor, made easy to drink through the juicy plum fruit with a round finish.  It also has aromas of ripe black and red berries with a touch of toastiness from oak. It’s not like your usual red wine, and it’s great to have when you’re celebrating any occasion. Aside from the usual steak, it goes well with any type of slow-roasted meat, and casserole, too! If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, I would suggest that you try pairing it with a chocolate caramel cake to cap off your dining experience.

According to Jacob’s Creek Brand Executive Kurt Ducusin, Cherry Red “is breaking away from red wine expectations: it is Semi-Sweet, approachable, playful & it does not follow the codes of red wine.” They believe that it’s a drink that fits well with Filipinos’ discerning taste – including casual drinkers and those who are just starting to explore the world of wines.

The best part? Jacob’s Creek Cherry Red and the rest of the Dots line are available at leading supermarkets and e-commerce platforms nationwide starting at only Php 500!

Should you try it? It’s definitely a YES from me. With an affordable price, anyone can now grab a bottle of wine even without special occasions. Still thinking of restocking on Jacob’s Creek wine for my birthday, though! CHEERS! Sit back and relax this weekend, guys and gals.

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In thumbnail: Jacob’s Creek Brand Ambassador Billy Brigham and your Manila Millennial!

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  1. Kahit walang occasions,pwde naman to inumin !! interesting talaga ako nito,must try this too,look soo good 🤗

  2. Cheers!!!Looks so cool. Must try po the best ito lalo na kapag may friends bonding 😍
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  5. Delicious and refreshing drinks! Perfect talaga ito for any occasion. ❤️ Cheers 🥂 affordable and tasty drink 😊

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