AKARI launches new rechargeable air cooler, other eco-friendly alternatives to air conditioners

Living in a country where it feels like summer for an entire year, we can’t help but be drawn towards air conditioners and other cooling products that can provide comfort on hot sunny days. However, some powerful air conditioners continue to contribute to ozone depletion, which we’re trying to avoid to slowly shift to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Good thing brands like AKARI remain steadfast in their commitment to provide innovative, value-driven, and high-quality air coolers and rechargeable fan products to millions of households in the Philippines. AKARI AIR COOLER is a mobile, eco-friendly alternative to air conditioners that ensures optimum cooling performance with its ergonomic design and technology.

One of its models, ARFC-12C is a rechargeable air cooler that can be very useful during power interruptions — a common occurrence in the country especially during rainy season. If cooling performance, portability, and power efficiency are three things that you look forward to in an air cooler, this is the best pick for you.

Unlike the bulky and wide built coolers in the market, AKARI AIR COOLER has a modern and compact structure with air purifying features that get rid of allergy-inducing agents and impurities inside your home. Its honeycomb filters have a great capacity to retain more water and cool the air more quickly. Best of all, it lasts longer, and requires less maintenance.

It also makes use of ionizers to help make the air quality better. Aiding in trapping contaminants in an indoor environment, ionizers eliminate pollutant particles that contribute to health complications such as asthma, chemical sensitivities, and breathing problems. In addition, it helps promote relaxation and improve sleep.

Aside from providing high-performance, portable air coolers, AKARI gives consumers an opportunity to make informed purchase based on convenience, efficiency, and overall appeal. It has a comprehensive range of air coolers that brings enough wind strength to sustain long, uninterrupted cooling.

Whether you’re looking for a thoughtfully designed air cooler with the best features in terms of form and functionality, or a pocket-friendly option that’s enough to cool you down in a variety of situations, AKARI has it all covered for you. It’s only a matter of choosing which one is best for your lifestyle (and hopefully, one that can help save Mother Earth too!).

Expect more products to be launched soon as AKARI aims to bring cost-effective products goods with the right style and functionality in every Filipino Home. You can visit AKARI’s official website to purchase its latest selection of home, space, and office items.

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