For the Best Stories: How to make the most out of vivo Y73’s camera features

We all love stories. It’s one of the things that connects us, especially on social media where we can share our thoughts to hundreds and thousands of people in a tap. However, in the digital age where a picture can paint a thousand words, a photo makes a huge difference in capturing attention and getting our message across. For the best stories, we turn to our smartphones to help us share what we see and sometimes even make it prettier than usual. That’s why smartphones like the vivo Y73 are now packed with clear cameras that make it possible to take photos and videos from day to night.

The vivo Y73 is the newest addition to the Y series upper entry-level lineup of smartphones. For the price of Php 14,999, not only do we get a trendy 7.38mm slim and lightweight design, 4000mAh battery with 33W Flash Charge technology, and 6.44-inch AMOLED display, but also the following camera features to use to our heart’s content:

AI Super Night Mode

It can be challenging to give justice to the beauty of our surroundings during nighttime, so to make everything look crisp and clear, head to vivo Y73’s Night Mode to capture colors as they are or add a bit of drama through its filters. The best thing about this feature is that it doesn’t make the colors look fuzzy nor grainy even if we’re taking photos of thin strips of light.

There are four filters under Night Mode called Black and Gold, Blue Ice, Cyberpunk, and Green Orange, which remind us of diners in the 1950s to 1960s and Glowwave aesthetics. These filters give a dramatic look to cityscapes, busy streets, and interiors.

Super Night Selfie

No need to wait for the sun to come up before taking a flattering #selfie! Even inside a restaurant that is illuminated mainly by neon lights, you can take bright photos through its 16MP front cam. This is a feature that cannot be found in earlier versions of smartphones but it’s a lifesaver for people who love taking photos of themselves as they fly solo. You can also enable beauty filters such as buffing, skin tone, whitening, slimming, eye enlarging, nose restructure, and eye span to name a few, while on Night Selfie mode.

Photo (Default Mode)

vivo Y73’s default mode is also an achiever when it comes to capturing realistic colors. This is good for no-brainer snaps that you just want to stash in your gallery. With its 64MP (f/1.79) + 2MP (f/2.4) + 2MP (f/2.4) triple camera setup, it’s possible to capture your exact line of sight and enhance it later on as needed. The view can also be zoomed in up to 10x.  

If you’re feeling creative, you can also play around with the Photo Filters (Grapefruit, Yogurt, Island, Macarons, Moonlight, Bubbles, Short Grass, Evening Breeze, Cedar, Small Town, Picnic, Light Snack, Yummy, Black Currant, Clear Sky, Western Movies, Japanese Movies, French Movies, and Silent), Portrait Light Effects (Natural Light, Studio Light, Stereo Light, Loop Light, and Rainbow Light), and HDR effects.


Portrait photos can now be taken both via rear and front cam. Both sides have Beauty modes, Bokeh, and Filters that can be enabled to make your subject standout. I personally love the “Fresh” filter when on selfie mode but the other options available are also appealing. You can choose from Default, Texture, Holiday, Rococo, Gray, 1980s, Film, Kyoto Cherry, and Tokyo Style.

When switching to rear camera, you can choose between Natural, Vintage, Northland, Fashion, Summer Party, Japanese Style, Monochrome, Silver Salt, and Wet. All of these can be combined with Bokeh to give more emphasis to the subject.

How to adjust Bokeh effect via Gallery

The best part about taking Portrait photos? You can adjust the Bokeh effect AFTER taking the shot. Focus can be transferred from the main subject to the background and vice versa. You can also remove the Bokeh effect in case you change your mind.

Super Macro

Under “Photo”, you can find Bokeh and Super Macro options when you tap the lens icon on the lower right corner of the screen. This will enable you to take close-up shots of small subjects (e.g. insects, plant veins, morning dew). This feature works best when the subject is 4cm away from the camera.

Video Steadiface (Selfie) and Ultra Stabilisation (Rear Cam)

For vloggers, this stabilization feature in 4K mode is a nice-to-have in an affordable smartphone. Steadiface on selfie mode and Ultra Stabilisation on rear cam mode keeps our background from moving whenever taking a video without a smartphone gimbal. This enables us to lessen the shakiness of the content that we document even as we walk or run.


Under “More”, you can find the 64MP option, Panorama Mode, Live Photo, and Pro option for photos; Time-lapse and Slo-mo for videos, and Documents Mode for text.

Another notable feature of vivo Y73’s camera is that it automatically detects whenever your lens needs cleaning. Sometimes, we don’t notice how smudged our lenses are so it’s good that we get notified before taking a snap.

Post-processing content is also a breeze with the vivo Y73 as it has a 6.44-inch FHD+ AMOLED screen, which is big and clear enough for both photo and video editing. Pairing that with a 2.05GHz 12nm MediaTek Helio G95 Octa-core processor, Mali-G76 GPU, 8GB RAM, and 128GB expandable storage makes creating content and saving a lot of them in your phone become easier than usual.

For the complete specs of this new smartphone, you may visit our previous blogpost here:

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  1. The best talaga itong bagong Vivo Y73 worth the price sa ganda ng quality and spec’s niya nag linaw pa ng camera🌸.

  2. I love vivo phones tlga 😍 gustong gusto ko ung quality and specs niya lalo na pagdating sa camera gaya nitong vivo y73 ❤️😍

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