From Vision to Fashion: Reasons to add MetroSunnies Duchess specs to your cart

With the work-from-home setup that we’ve adapted due to the pandemic, a lot of us are now required to use laptops and computers for over 8 hours. Before and after work, we almost always look at our mobile phones, too! Imagine how straining that can be for our eyes when it’s exposed to harmful blue light every single day.

As a blogger, I’m guilty of always staring at screens – watching the latest trending shows on TV, browsing the Internet via laptop, updating my social media pages via mobile, and relaxing by playing games on my console, just to name a few. This is one of the reasons why I find it beneficial to wear protective anti-radiation computer eyeglasses, specifically the MetroSunnies Duchess Specs. It can be beneficial for everyone — including those who have a perfect eye grade, since it goes beyond eye protection! Here’s a list of reasons on why I considered this stylish pair:

1.A frame that will never go out of style

Semi-rimless frames with an accentuated browline have been around for decades and it seems that it will forever be in style. The MetroSunnies Duchess frame also has a cat eye shape, which makes it flattering for people with oval and round faces. Its shape somehow creates a contoured silhouette, while the browline attracts more attention to the eye area. It can help us look stylish while protecting our eyes.

2. Lenses can be changed

In case you already have a high eye grade but the frame is something that you’d love to pair with your #OOTDs, you can also get the MetroSunnies Duchess frame and have the lenses replaced at your preferred optical shop.

3. Meets international quality standards

Blue Light Testing Kit

For skeptics who do not believe the testing kit (mini blue light flashlight and card) that comes with every pair of MetroSunnies glasses, rest assured that all MetroSunnies Con-Strain Blue Light specs meet international quality standards and passed Solar UV-A, UV-B and Blue Light Transmission Tests. If you look at the lens closely, you’ll also notice that it has bluish-greenish tints under bright lights due to the protective coating.

4. Prevents eye strain

When I spend too much time on my laptop, my eyes tend to feel hot on the inside. To prevent this, my ophthalmologist recommended that I wear anti-radiation lenses (just like Con-Strain lenses). These lenses are engineered to block blue light emitted from digital screens which causes eye strain.

5. It’s currently on SALE

Comes with a free cleaning cloth with a cute design! The package also includes a cloth case, a mini notepad, and blue light testing kit.

Lastly, the MetroSunnies Duchess Specs in black color is currently on sale via Shopee! As of this writing, it’s priced at Php 820 from the original price of Php 1,350 but expect the price to be further reduced during Flash Sale hours throughout the 3.3-3.15 Shopee Consumer Day celebration. I heard that MetroSunnies will be offering up to 80% off on select designs. Plus, everyone is also entitled to use the promo code METRO3333 to get Php 50 off for a minimum spend of Php 799. That brings the price of the Duchess Specs down to Php 770!

For more details about other vouchers that you can use in this purchase, you can visit our Shopee 3.15 Consumer Day deals list here:

Happy shopping and please take care of your eyes! 😊

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Note: This is a blog post sponsored by Shopee.

4 Replies to “From Vision to Fashion: Reasons to add MetroSunnies Duchess specs to your cart”

  1. Wow tlga nman ang gaganda ng product ng metro sunnies . Ganda ng mga frame nila and very affordable price .. ma poprotect pa ang eyes natin 💞❤️

  2. Yay must have po nito para secure pa din yung eyes natin kahig maghapon nakaharap sa gadgets ang ganda pa ng frame😍

  3. Love the style Ang cute Ng kulay po Ng lens at nakakatuwa may discount pa siya pwede ring pang porma🥰

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