5 ‘Wais’ things to do on weekends to improve your productivity

With so many things happening all at once, it can be hard to make wais (wise) decisions when you’re at your wit’s end. In 2021 alone, I can’t count how many times I’ve consulted the Internet for help on how to become more productive, how to manage time both for relaxation and recreational activities, and how to make the most out of my rest days without doing actual work tasks. In case you need help on where to start this weekend, here’s a short list of what we always do:

Meditate: Start the upcoming week with a clear mind

Hustle culture can make us feel tired — the one that doesn’t go away for days — or worse, on the verge of burnout. Begin your weekend by treating yourself to a good nap, a quiet morning, a peaceful tea break, or even a nice bath before preparing for the upcoming week. Meditating can also help as it can help the mind and body relax while we mentally focus on good things and our goals in life.

A good meditation session, full 8 hours of sleep, and a clear mind works wonders when it comes to being productive. You can do this on a Saturday before working on other chores.

Learn something new

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May it be through reading a book, watching documentaries or new shows, following tutorials on YouTube, trying out a new recipe, testing that new cleaning hack that you saw on social media, learning a new musical instrument or whatever you can think of, go for it! Life should not only revolve around your work. Try new hobbies, which may eventually become an additional source of income in the future!

Make a list of your personal menu for the week

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Thinking of what to eat and where to get the ingredients take a lot of time and effort. Getting deliveries, on the other hand, would usually cost a fortune when done on a daily basis. To make the weekend worthwhile, how about preparing ingredients or pre-cook as needed (e.g. sandwich spreads for your baon, ready-to-heat meals)? This will save you time on weekdays, especially if your schedule is jam-packed with meetings.

Clean and organize your things for the upcoming week

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General cleaning usually falls on a weekend, so why not prepare the things that you may need for the upcoming week while you’re at it? This is proven to save time and lessen clutter. On Sundays, I personally prepare my bag for the upcoming week and separate the work clothes that I’ll be wearing so I won’t panic on the actual day that I’ll be needing my stuff. I also organize all the gadgets that I may need and ensure that everything is fully charged before I face another Manic Monday.

Use powerful products to help you with household chores and save time

Things are cleaned faster and easier when you have powerful products with you. Sweeping becomes easier by using a vacuum cleaner, molds are removed when you have bleach, residues easily disappear with baking soda, and so on. However, for me, laundry remains to be the most challenging household chore as it involves a lot of steps – sorting clothes (in our case, good for four people), finding the right laundry detergent and fabric condition that is okay for all types of clothing (and won’t break the bank), actual washing, drying, folding, steaming clothes, and segregating again for keeping. On busy weeks, we send our clothes to the laundry shop but we only use the same detergent and fabric conditioner.

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I’ve experienced working with laundry products that don’t remove stains in one wash so I highly suggest that you switch to Surf Cherry Blossom Laundry Powder Detergent. Powerful products like this can save you time and water vs spinning clothes in the washing machine over and over again until clothes smell good. Since we’ve switched to Surf, washing clothes and even bedsheets and comforters became easier and faster. It’s formulated with Active Clean Technology that can help remove stains and odors from our laundry. No kulob scent once it’s dry, too!

To top off all these wais tips, I’d suggest that you include the new Surf bundles in your Shopee cart and check out the items on January 23 for added discounts and free shipping. Although Surf is already affordable, Unilever is further cutting down the price by offering bundled products of the Surf Cherry Blossom Laundry Powder Detergent with Active Clean Technology in a 2.2kg pouch. Just don’t forget to claim vouchers from the shop and from the Shopee vouchers page!

May we all make wais decisions this weekend. Have a productive week ahead! 🙂

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