What’s inside a 79-peso Oishi Weeshee Bag and Cuckoo Bag?

May you be looking for a variety of snacks for yourself or for gifting to your inaanaks this Christmas, a pack of yummy Oishi products will never fail! After a long tiring year, we deserve that pack of tasty comfort snacks without breaking the bank. So as an Oishi fan (Cracklings, Crispy Patata, Bread Pan, and Pillows are a huge part of my childhood), let me get into the details of their Oishi gift bags — the Cuckoo Bag and Weeshee Bag.

Size comparison of Cuckoo Bag (left) and Weeshee Bag (right).


The Oishi Cuckoo Bag is bigger in size and it seems more fit for kids if you ask me. The packaging has a cute Christmas-themed design featuring Oishi characters. It comes with two sets of cute stickers and 13 snacks. I believe the flavors are randomized but mine contains small packs of Oishi Prawn Crackers, Rinbee Cheese Sticks, Crispy Patata, Potato Crisps (Tomato Ketchup Flavor), Marty’s Cracklin’ (Spicy Vinegar Flavor), Potato Fries, Bizkits Toasted Crackers (Dour Cream and Onion Flavor), Pillows (Ube), Ribbed Cracklings (my favorite!!), 4X Corn Snack, Bread Pan (Toasted Garlic Flavor), Miggos (Nacho Cheese Flavor), an Shripon Shrimp Kropeck.

Oishi Cuckoo Bag

On the other hand, the Oishi Weeshee Bag seems more apt for adults and teens as it also comes with a pack of 3-in-1 Hi Coffee Mix. The design fits any occasion and it has 10 snacks inside: Miggos (Sweet Corn Flavor), 4X Corn Snack (Cheddar Cheese Flavor), Bread Pan (Buttered Toast Flavor), Oishi Prawn Crackers (Spicy Flavor), Potato Fries (Cheese Flavor), Pillows (Chocolate), Fishda Fish Kropeck, Potato Crisps (Cheese Flavor), Cracklings, and Marty’s Cracklin’.

Oishi Weeshee Bag


All these fun snacks in a nice colorful bag are up for grabs for only Php 79 each. I would suggest that you get an 8-pack bundle for only Php 534 (discounted price) if you’re planning to give these as gifts this Christmas.

On top of the sulit price, Oishi is giving us more reasons to celebrate this season through discounts:

  • Get Php 150 off every bundle of 8 Cuckoo Bags and Php 100 off every bundle of 8 Weeshee Bags when you check out via Oishi’s official store in Lazada or Shopee until December 31.
  • For Manila Millennial followers, click this Shopee link and claim a 10% off storewide discount voucher by entering this code upon checkout: OISHCPBMM

Happy snacking and get your well-deserved break this Christmas, everyone!

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3 Replies to “What’s inside a 79-peso Oishi Weeshee Bag and Cuckoo Bag?”

  1. Both bags are filled with our fave snacks. You can’t choose between the two, both are a must buy. Very affordable pa, perfect tong pangregalo sa kids this holiday season. I want to buy it for myself para naman pang midnight snack when I’m working at home.

  2. I love this snacks perfect while watching kdrama🤩🤩 ang sarap pa naman niyan both and laki pa ng discount

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