5 Helpful cleaning tips that we learned from our parents

Millennials are now adults, with the youngest being 25 and the oldest around 40 years old! You know what that means: Our days of being fully independent are fast approaching and soon enough, we’ll need to leave our parents’ house and live on our own (if you haven’t yet). In case you’re still practicing #Adulting101 on how to keep your humble abode squeaky clean, here are some tips that we learned from our parents:

1.Invest on cleaning products and make the most out of SALE season

May that be a washing machine, a robot vacuum cleaner, or a mop with spray, it’s okay to spend as long as you get an ROI (return of investment) before it gets broken. These products help get the work done faster and easier so we don’t have to manually clean every nook and cranny. My mom also has a habit of asking me to purchase specific household products during sale season — brand day sale, double digit sale, payday sale, or end-of-season sale — to get items at a discounted price. We are also entitled to free shipping during these days!

Tip: Unilever’s Brand Day on Shopee is happening on October 19! Cop cleaning products and other household items for as much as 50% off.

2. Prevent growth of molds to manage asthma attacks

Growing up with asthma, my mom and dad have been very particular about molds in all corners of the house. To ensure that every room is safe, we were taught to:

  • Open windows and doors often so fresh air can circulate inside the house.
  • Use humidifiers to ensure that humidity levels are managed.
  • Immediately replace carpets and upholstery that got wet.
  • Clean bathrooms with mold-killing products like Domex Ultra Thick Bleach Toilet Cleaner. This brand is trusted for preventing mold and limescale, disinfecting surfaces, and eliminating odor. Plus points for being strong enough to kill coronavirus in 60 seconds, too!

3. For safety, use strong anti-bacterial laundry detergents when washing clothes

We cannot be complacent during a pandemic, even if we have already been vaccinated. Using products with anti-bacterial and active clean technology does the trick! For my mom, there are two brands in our cabinets as of this writing:

4. Avoid shrinking and stretching of clothes by following these tips

We often get too paranoid when washing outside clothes due to the ongoing pandemic, but we sometimes miss the fact that we’re causing our outfits to shrink and stretch due to too much washing. To prevent that from happening:

  • Read the care guide of your clothes before tossing them in the washing machine. Some clothes are more delicate than the others!
  • Separate clothes that require dry cleaning from those that are okay to be cycled.
  • Use cold water and gentle cycle for washing, and allow clothes to air-dry as much as possible.

5. When cleaning your room, avoid getting too nostalgic to get work done quickly

There are times when it takes us more or less 12 hours just to get one room cleaned. Half of that time goes to reminiscing moments attached to every item that we see. To get things done quickly and efficiently, set aside items with sentimental value (you can stash them in a box) as soon as you can before proceeding with general room cleaning — sweeping the floor, changing sheets, dusting off stuff, etc. You can go back to memory lane once the main task is done!

These are just five out of the many tips that we’ve learned from our parents. My favorite would still be soaking stuff in vinegar to get the dirt out. It works like magic, but that’s something for a separate blog entry. 😉

Need any of the products that we’ve mentioned above? Just click on the hyperlink to be redirected to Unilever’s Shopee page. Everything is currently on sale, so don’t miss it. Do your momma proud!

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  1. Thank you for sharing the tips po talagang very helpful po itong mga cleaning tips Lalo na sa mga adults 🥰❤️ very recommended din Ang domex ❤️

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