LIST: Authentic, pawnable Silver Kingdom jewelry that you can get at 60% off

As I grew older, I realized that a few pieces of original and quality jewelry are better than a lot of fake ones that tend to tarnish over time. This would depend on our budget, though! Even though we can’t visit jewelry stores physically at the moment, there are legitimate shops on e-commerce pages that still sell authentic jewelry at an affordable price. If you’re looking for one this Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day (and even beyond September 9), then Silver Kingdom is the way to go.

Silver Kingdom offers 18 karat gold jewelry from Saudi Arabia, which I assume is similar with other Saudi gold that contains around 75% pure gold mixed with 25% of an alloy (to strengthen the material). These pieces are usually more affordable than other types of gold due to abundance of high-quality gold reserves in their country. It’s also easier to import! To check the authenticity of your jewelry, you can check if it has a karat number stamped on it (e.g. 18K, 18KT).

Here are some of the designs that caught my attention and are also worth considering due to its price drop:

18K Saudi Gold Cat Eye Transfer Bead Bracelet

Price: Php 1,859 (originally Php 4,647)

This gold bracelet would look great with thin gold watches to add oomph to your #OOTD. Although it looks simple, it’s a piece that would look good with almost anything. It has that classic and elegant vibe to it, which you can pair with a beaded necklace. I’ve checked out this one today using Shopee vouchers for extra savings. Will be posting an actual photo via Instagram once it arrives!

18K Saudi Gold Barrel Necklace

Price: Php 4,599 (60% off original price)

For some reason, I find this barrel design really eye-catching. It seems very simple but the chain and intricate details make it appealing. Would look great with v-neck tops!

18K Saudi Gold Love Necklace

Price: Php 4,139 (60% off original price)

Unlike ordinary heart-shaped necklaces, this one has a small space inside to give it a 3D-like effect. The pieces of gold resembles strings or yarns which are shaped like an actual heart. Looks pretty cool!

18K Saudi Gold Snowflakes Tictac Earrings

Price: Php 528 (62% off original price)

I’m a fan of dangling earrings and tictac earrings are also super unique-looking! Millennials are often called “snowflakes” for having too much feelings, we might as well wear that literally as an accessory, right? 😉

18K Saudi Gold Beaded Necklace

Price: Php 2,499 (60% off original price)

Probably the second item that I’ll be checking out soon! This simple beaded necklace would look good with formal or office outfits, but it can go with almost anything as well. Classic and elegant.

Cop these jewelries at a discounted price this September 9! You can also use free shipping vouchers and the code 99FFSPP2021 upon checkout for additional savings via Shopee. Happy shopping!

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Jackie Chan’s action-packed dance for Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day is filled with good vibes!

Note: Photos courtesy of Silver Kingdom via Shopee.

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