Lechon Binagoongan, Pinakbet, and other HottaUlam! meals as low as Php 55 at 7-Eleven

A year after I graduated college, 7-Eleven meals have been my go-to lunch (and dinner when I don’t know what to eat). Sandwiches, Busog Meal Giniling, Sisig, and shortly after, their Sinigang Rice became my immediate favorites so I’m not really picky when it comes to convenience store meals because I legit lived a whole year on it as part of my tipid serye. This 2021, I’m happy to share that even HottaUlam! single-serve and for-sharing food options are now available in more 7-Eleven stores within Luzon — including the ones near my place!

Officially launched late last year, the various HottaUlam! selections are now for sale in over 2,000 stores in Luzon. Customers can choose from any of the eight HottaUlam! single-serve variants to take home: Rico’s Lechon Binagoongan, Rico’s Lechon Sisig, Pork Laing, two sticks of Pork BBQ, Chicken BBQ, Fried Bangus, Pinakbet, and Ginataang Langka; at only Php 55 to Php 79 per pack. This includes a generous serving of rice, too.

Larger servings for families and barkadas are also available for those who are looking for ready-to-heat lutong-bahay viands such as Pork Steak, Chicken Curry, and Beef Caldereta priced at Php 159 each. These are already good for two to three people. I’ve also seen packs of Baliwag Liempo or Lechon Manok at Php 115 each.

7-Eleven has always been about making lives easier for the community, moreso during the pandemic when it launched the Bayanihan Savings and Selections initiative, which was to make grocery items available at more affordable prices.

If there’s a 7-Eleven store nearby,  you know that you’re all set for life — even when you’re on a budget. Tried and tested by yours truly!

When going out, as always, don’t forget to wear your face mask and face shield, observe physical distancing, and follow safety protocols inside the store. Contactless payment methods like CLiQQ app and GCash are also encouraged to further ensure your safety. I would also suggest that you check with the staff or cashier first if their system is online to ensure a hassle-free contactless payment experience upon checkout.

P.S. You can use the CLiQQ app when connecting to the WiFi, buying load, using Pera Padala, redeeming rewards, and shopping with accumulated points for every purchase. 😉

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