SNK ATK mixes streetwear and gaming for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fans

Local technical clothing brand SNK ATK Design Lab brings its A-game in designing a legendary streetwear collection with the hardcore Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) fans in mind.

“This collection is made specially for MLBB fans,” shares SNK ATK co-founder and creative director Psalm Alfafara who is also the brand’s principal designer. 

Giving gamers and streetwear enthusiasts something to be extremely excited about, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang collaborates with SNK ATK to produce a cool ensemble of cyberpunk jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts and face masks. This limited edition MLBB x SNK ATK 515 eParty Capsule Collection came into play to spice up this year’s 515 eParty, a month-long community event for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

With a fitting theme “Together We Achieve More,” this year’s 515 celebration is marked by a legendary collaboration to achieve a perfect balance of techwear, streetwear, and gaming vibe reflected in the MLBB x SNK ATK premium merchandise. “We’ve been working in the shadows for months to make this project happen, and we’re very excited to finally announce it,” relates Alfafara.

True to its design aesthetics focused on creating technical and casual clothing for urban environments, SNK ATK Design Lab and the creative minds behind the brand were able to infuse their love for eSports in this rare team up with popular mobile gaming sensation. “Myself and my partners in SNK ATK have been individually and collectively involved in eSports in one way or another. So when the opportunity presented itself, the fit felt really natural,” he notes.

Originally designed by SNK ATK Design Lab, the MLBB x SNK ATK Premium Art Series and Premium Outerwear Series highlight how SNK ATK takes collaboration very seriously while respecting the DNA of both brands. “Collaborations are a huge responsibility. We see ourselves as caretakers of every brand we collab with,” imparts Alfafara.

Another exciting thing about this gaming and fashion integration is bringing into life the virtual band STUN members Chou, Selena, and Brody. Also on board for this collaboration, said Alfafara, is a very talented artist friend Massive Method who helped create limited edition art shirts and masks with beautiful stylized illustrations of each STUN member.

In designing each STUN-inspired piece, Alfafara shared how he figured a way to translate the essential details of the in-game skins into cool streetwear staples. “With Brody, I designed a water-resistant bomber with technical details. For Selena I took her puffer jacket and created a mock neck sweatshirt with a removable arm strap and arm pocket that combines into a carry pouch.” He continues, “For Chou I designed an oversized hoodie, maximal back print, faux sleeves, and thumbholes to create a ‘ninja-esque’ version of his layered STUN outfit.”

As a self-taught designer who’s been in the industry for over 15 years, and a gamer since he could hold a controller, Alfafara offered his point of view about designing for a specific genre. “When designing for video games and eSports, you’re not only allowed to be more playful, it’s actually expected— if not required. I enjoy the aspect of being able to design things that resonate with fans of the franchise.”

Curious about this highly-anticipated fashion collaboration in the gaming community? Watch the official video on and be among the first to get this tech fashion collection: MLBB x SNK ATK Premium STUN Technical Bomber Jacket, MLBB x SNK ATK Premium STUN Hoodie, MLBB x SNK ATK Premium STUN Sweatshirt, MLBB x SNK ATK Premium Art Series T-shirts and MLBB x SNK ATK Premium Art Series Face Masks.

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