Sharp AQUOS marks 20th anniversary, launches 4K Smart TV with video call capability

Out with the old and in with the new? For Sharp Philippines, it’s innovate the old and upgrade it to be brand new! Known for their quality entertainment products and proven track record of giving nothing but the best for their consumers, Sharp has shown yet again that they can keep up with the changing times. Even as they celebrate the AQUOS LCD TV’s 20th anniversary, the well-loved brand has introduced a new 4K TV that they have worked on for the past two decades – the 70-inch 4K Smart Android TV with Google voice assistant and Google Duo for video call!

Since cinemas and theaters are still closed, it is a wise thing to invest on home entertainment. A TV upgrade will definitely come in handy when we want to unwind with our loved ones or after a long tiring day at work. Who needs to go out for movies if you feast your eyes and ears on an immersive experience?

Sleek and modern design

When it comes to TV sizes, we have one tip for you: Go big or go home. At a time when laptops serve as our primary screens for work, it’s more enjoyable to watch videos on a bigger one for leisure. This TV boasts 70-inch screen goodness so it’s like watching your favorite series and movies in your mini-cinema. Aside from that, it sports a minimalist design built with a super narrow bezel, making eyes focus more on the display.

Richer in details – from screen to audio

The most obvious benefit of TVs with 4K resolutions is that their pictures have more detail and sharpness. After all, their 3840 x 2160 pixel counts equate to four times the resolution of the full HD pictures most of us are used to. Every hair on people’s heads, every leaf on every tree, every blade of grass on a football pitch, every star in the sky.

Coupled with Sharp’s AQUOS processor, viewing quality is enhanced to the optimal level. The manufacturer also emphasizes it can deliver outstanding picture quality because of X4 Master Engine Pro II. Basically, you’ve got an experience many describe as more like looking through a window than watching a TV.

Thankfully, this 70-inch 4K Smart Android TV from Sharp is equipped with speakers with Dolby audio on both sides. As a result, you get crystal-clear sound effects with a surround-sound quality

All the best from Google

Downloading all your favorite apps and games via Google Play would be a smart way to maximize your television. By doing this, you can enjoy them on the big screen with easy access from your custom Android TV home screen. In addition to this, you can conveniently use this Sharp TV for video conferencing with teammates, family, or friends due to the inclusion of Google Duo.

On the other hand, Google Assistant‘s got us covered when it comes to giving quick access to our favorite shows and other media. In searching for content, this feature is handy since you don’t need to look through all your streaming apps yourself. Moreover, you can easily get answers on screen if you’re performing a search on Google. You can also control other smart devices inside your home with this voice assistant.

These are just a few features that the Sharp 4K Smart Android TV 4T-C70CK3X boasts. Local pricing and availability will be announced on their social media pages soon! On top of all that, Sharp is also offering an exclusive promo for all fathers as a Father’s Day treat. For every purchase of selected products, you’ll get a wide variety of freebies, so make sure to check out their recent posts for more details. 🙂

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2 Replies to “Sharp AQUOS marks 20th anniversary, launches 4K Smart TV with video call capability”

  1. During this time of pandemic watching some show or movies for entertainment is one of the best way to ease the boredom. I really like this newly launched of 4K TVs. I also like that they improve it with Google voice assistant and Google Duo for video. This will indeed give a new level of experience.

  2. What a way to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Sharp’s Aquos LCD TV. as it launches its 70-inch Smart tv in our country. it is like having your own Cinema at home. It is a 4k smart tv, meaning you can enjoy it not only for watching different stuffs but you can do a lot if things as well. this is a good option if you want to upgrade your viewing experience at home

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