My 3-step oral care routine (because brushing isn’t enough)

People are usually obsessed about how to look, feel, and bring out their best selves. There are a lot of ways to make this possible – from working out to be physically fit to going on a social media detox for that well-deserved mental health break. However, oral care doesn’t seem to be part of the usual top-of-mind ideas when it comes to wellness, so here’s a quick reminder and some tips about tried-and-tested methods that worked for me.

Whenever I go to the dentist, I usually get really good feedback about my teeth so I’m quite confident that writing this would be able to help you somehow! My oral care routine is pretty simple and it can be done in three easy steps:

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1.Brush your teeth (3x a day)

(Image from Pixabay)

2. Floss as often as possible (everyday if you can!)

3. Rinse using a mouthwash that you trust (at least 30 seconds, 2x a day)

Aside from these three, I also make sure to use straw when drinking colored beverages to keep my teeth from getting stained. I also make sure to visit my dentist regularly – at least annually for check-ups!

The three-step routine above is actually the same as what LISTERINE calls for in their #DetoxYourWay campaign so it’s quite timely to write about this before Oral Health Month closes in a few weeks. Brushing only kills around 25% of germs in the mouth so rinsing with LISTERINE twice a day can help us achieve a healthier mouth and fresher breath. I used to hate using mouthwash because of the strong taste that leaves a stinging sensation in my mouth, but it’s good to know that LISTERINE now has gentle alternatives like their two new limited-edition flavors — Aloe & Cucumber and Pomelo & Passion Fruit mouthwash. These botanically-inspired flavors have 0% alcohol, so it’s easy to swish it in our mouth for at least 30 seconds. I’ve already tried both and the taste is almost juice-like, except there’s still a subtle minty feeling after each swish. Not as intense as the original variants, though! These come in two sizes — 250mL (Php 115) and 500mL (Php 209).

Remember: It’s still cheaper to invest in oral care products than continuously visit the dentist for tooth extraction or cosmetic treatment. 🙂

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