Here’s a homecare brand that helps kill germs but cares for the planet

In life, we were always taught to choose the lesser evil or make choice which benefits the greater good even if it means the downfall of some. A perfect example of which includes sanitation of our homes at the expense of using harmful chemicals that may affect Mother Earth or our bodies in the long run. But it’s already 2021 – a time when more people are more conscious about the products they use and the long-term impact of their actions. If you’re passionate about taking care of the planet and cleanliness at home, this new sustainable home care and personal care brand might be for you.

Meet Wonderhome Naturals, a Filipino brand that takes pride in their sustainable home care and personal care products that keeps homes clean in a green way. Its wide array of products—with categories in home care (laundry, kitchen, surface and bathroom), personal care (hand wash, hand sanitizer, linen spray), and lifestyle (organic cleaners for the yoga mat, gadget and desk, and pre-poo spray)—are formulated with plant-based probiotics that cleans without damaging your health or the environment. Make no mistake though, this safe biodegradable formulation is said to be strong where it counts: It’s certified by Intertek to kill 99.9% of household germs and is lab-tested to eliminate viruses and prevent recontamination for up to 72 hours. Not to mention, all Wonderhome products come in sophisticated scents made from fruit and plants that actually makes the person cleaning the house a little happier.

Green also describes the brand’s earth-friendly packaging and shipping practices. Wonderhome Naturals come in bottles made from a combination of upcycled ocean plastic and biodegradable wheat. The low carbon footprint modular packaging means that they fit snugly in shipping boxes to eliminate the use of plastic fillers. Bring these bottles back for recycling or refilling and get store credits that can be used on your next purchases.

Wonderhome Naturals is co-founded by brothers Bryan and Marvin Chua, whose aim is to make sustainable, safe, and strong products easily accessible to Filipinos.

According to Marvin Chua, who also heads the brand’s Product Development Team, “Filipinos nowadays have a desire to switch to natural products but are apprehensive about their effectiveness. Especially during the pandemic, it’s a challenge to convince people to convert to plant-based cleaning products when efficacy is the top consideration. We want you to use plant-based products without feeling that you compromised on cleaning power. Our main goal during product development was to benchmark Wonderhome’s cleaning performance against leading chemical-based products instead of other natural-based brands. We had our products lab-tested and 3rd party-certified to perform at least equal to or better versus their chemical-based counterparts.”

Indeed, even seemingly inconsequential choices like buying cleaning products leave a huge impact on the environment. Sustainability advocates like Anna Oposa, Executive Director of Save Philippine Seas, as well as Angel Mata-Jamilan, founder of Low Impact Filipina, are among those who consider the long-term effects of improper plastic disposal and toxic waste from cleaning products to the planet. “Progress, not perfection,” they both emphasized, and encouraged everyone to start with simple but sustainable choices that people can commit to everyday. Wonderhome Naturals, with its strong, safe and sustainable products, makes it easy to help the planet while keeping your homes clean.

“The Philippines is the third biggest plastic polluter in the world, producing 2.7 billion kilos of plastic waste annually,” reminds Bryan. “Moreover, 74 percent of our collected plastic waste ends up in the ocean. Wonderhome Naturals calls for a clean revolution. We want to lead the charge towards a greener future by providing consumers with a strong yet safe and sustainable option.”  

Wonderhome Naturals is available at, and soon on LazMall, Zalora and ShopeeMall.

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