Yaass or pass? This sneaker brand is adding eco-friendly kicks to their collection

“Sustainable” is a buzzword that gets a lot of attention these days, especially amidst calls for more eco-friendly options in the fashion industry. To rise up to the occasion, Keds – an American brand that is popular for their canvas shoes, has embraced this movement by releasing a line of footwear that promise style and comfort without sacrificing sustainability in the name of fashion. Is it a ‘yaass!’ or another ‘pass’? Check out the Keds SS21 Sustainable Collection below:

Champion Ladies

Organic Ladies Cloud Gray/Multi (Php 2,995)

Nothing says “I am a woman and proud of it” better than prints celebrating women in all shapes, color, and sizes. It’s made with organically grown cotton, making it soft yet durable and earth-friendly. It’s also very lightweight and breathable so it’s perfect for the summer heat.

Whether you’re out for a whole day adventure or a quick errand run, the Champion Ladies will be your new best friend.

Triple CVO AMP

Triple CVO AMP Organic Cotton White (Php 3,295)

Everyone needs a plain white sneaker. It’s the basic rule of fashion! This new sneaker from Keds is stylish, sustainable, and oh-so-comfortable! It’s made with organic cotton, making it airy and soft. It also has a triple platform for some added height.

We already know that organic cotton is good for the earth, but did you know it’s good for their workers too? By using organic farming methods, workers avoid coming in contact with harmful chemical residue. It’s eco-friendly and people-friendly!


Chillax Organic Tropical Black/Multi (Php 2,995)

A slip-on sneaker that’s great days when you want to dress down but still look fashionable. Also, who doesn’t love a good floral print? It practically screams summer!

An interesting aspect of this shoe is that the footbeds are removable so you can bring them out for some air to keep them fresh. Like the shoe’s upper, it’s also made with organic cotton and lined with breathable jersey for added flexibility and comfort.

Trio Eco Sandals

If you’re not the sneakers type of gal, then the Trio Eco Sandals are here for you. It’s a blend of sporty and chic for outdoor activities! They are by far the most eco-friendly shoes in the brand’s latest collection. Keds went above and beyond in making this one by using 20% recycled rubber for the outsoles, and 100% recycled polyester webbing with TENCEL™ Lyocell/polyester blend lining for the straps.

As with all Keds footwear, style and comfort are never compromised. All sneaker styles come with Softerra Footbed, while the sandals are made of EVA + 20% BLOOM™ foam which means it practically molds to your feet for that customized fit. It also has anti-blister padding around the ankle, so you don’t have to worry about any discomfort against your skin.

Sounds good? It’s a YAASS for me. No matter how small the change is, I’m glad that brands are slowly introducing more eco-friendly means in their products. Big changes don’t happen overnight so I’m with Keds on this move. I’m just hoping that they continue doing this, and hopefully introduce more eco-friendly products, in the years to come.

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