Ever wondered how Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn works to keep our hair healthy? Here’s how!

Being stuck at home for almost two years now, my hair has already reached its longest length ever. While it can be hard to maintain long locks, it’s a piece of cake with the help of the right hair products. Ever since I was in High School, which is obviously over a decade now, Cream Silk has been one of my go-to conditioners with my ever-changing shampoo products (I’ve tried a lot – from keratin to purple shampoo). I would say my hair has continued to be healthy, strong, and soft even as it went through years of different hair colors partly because of this, so I’ve always been curious about what makes it effective.

Just as we though that we’ve already seen how effective it is, Cream Silk has recently launched its “most powerful formulation yet” – the Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn with Tri-Oleo Complex, pioneering technology combining the power of three ultra-nourishing oils, providing care and conditioning like no other for hair that’s ultimately reborn and full of life.

The ‘secret’ behind the formulation

At the core of this new formulation is Tri-Oleo Complex, which penetrates deep into hair layers and revives locks from dull, dry and lifeless to be beautifully reborn and visibly full of life, enabling women to be greater than ever.

“Hair loses nourishment every day, going through daily activities that cause stress and damage to hair. When hair loses nutrients, this makes the hair more prone to all forms of hair problems,” explains Dani de Leon, Unilever Philippines’ Research and Development Manager for Hair Care. “Although hair may feel and look okay, shampoo alone is not enough and actually can cause hair to lose even more nutrients with every wash.”

“Thanks to Cream Silk’s hair care expertise spanning over three decades, inspired by the Filipina’s needs, we’ve pushed hair science once more to innovate and develop Tri-Oleo Complex, a unique combination of nourishing power with rosehip oil, argan oil and marula oil that’s heavy on nourishment but light on your locks,” she continues.

Extracted from rose bush seeds commonly found in Chile, rosehip oil contains healthy nutrients to help give hair smoothness and shine. Meanwhile, argan oil from Morocco, known as the liquid gold for hair, lowers the chance of proteins leaving your locks, effectively strengthening them from further damage. And finally, originating in South Africa and used by Zulu people to maintain a healthy glow on their skin and hair, marula oil is quickly absorbed into hair resulting in thick, healthy and moisturized locks. All these combined within Tri-Oleo Complex,  Cream Silk offers triple action nourishment that targets the weakest areas of the hair fibre, nourishes from within and coats and protects each strand to restore strength, smoothness and moisturization for hair beautifully reborn and visibly full of life.

Variants for all hair types

The new formula is available in all five existing Cream Silk variants:

  • Standout Straight – A variant that promises up to 4x straighter hair a la Heart Evangelista.
  • Damage Control – Another variant for people who love to color their hair. This used to be my go-to Cream Silk conditioner as my hair strands used to break easily.
  • Long and Luscious – A new variant that promises up to 99% stronger ends. I’m looking forward to use this as I’m planning to grow my hair even longer.
  • Hair Fall Defense – Up to 98% less hair fall? Cream Silk’s got our backs!
  • Dryness Rescue – Recommended for all hair types but this is also ideal for curly hair. Great for people like me who occasionally color their hair, too!

Is it worth it?

As a Cream Silk user for decades now, I would definitely say yes. A 170mL bottle of Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn Conditioner only costs Php 111.20 SRP and it’s almost always available in supermarkets, groceries, drugstores, department stores, and even online stores nationwide. It’s one of the easiest to find here in the Philippines, but it’s also one of the most effective in my experience.

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3 Replies to “Ever wondered how Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn works to keep our hair healthy? Here’s how!”

  1. Ganito din po tlga gamit ko simula nung ng aaral pa ako till now lalo na kkapanganak ko plng tlga ung hair nag lalagas creamsilk lang tlga gnamit at tlga nmang npka healthy niya sa hair . Thanks to creamsilk tlga 😍❤️

  2. Highly Recommended po talaga tong Creamsilk, sobrang lambot na sa buhok, Mabango, at Mura pa.. iba sa benefits sa Buhok, iniiwasan nitong magkaron tayo ng Dundruff at maglagas ang buhok, kaya trusted po talaga ..

  3. A hair product that has been really helpful to us for a long time. And now it gives us more because of its innovation. Creamsilk ultimate reborn conditioner is very good to use because it is not just gives you a softer hair but it nourishes it by the tri-oleo complex. Not only your hair will look beautiful but also it keeps it healthy.

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