Sustainable, eco-friendly Messy Bessy products to consider this Earth Day (and beyond!)

Switching to sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives can do wonders. Doesn’t matter if we’re only starting this Earth Day (April 22) or doing a bit more to help Mother Earth this year. Every small step and change that we make in our lifestyle can help our planet heal.     

Messy Bessy, a social enterprise known for their line of plant-derived home and personal care products, has been encouraging consumers to make purposeful purchases for years now. By developing eco-friendly products made from organic ingredients, the brand creates sustainable livelihoods for Filipino students, at-risk youths, and abused young adults to help stop the cycle of poverty. All of their products make use of cleaning agents that are found in nature, such as deriving ethyl alcohol from sugar cane. Their surface cleaners, all-purpose scrubs, and liquid detergents also do not have harmful chemicals.

Sounds good, right? Using their products enables you to help both the Earth and other people, too! My mom has been a fan of Messy Bessy for years now and I frequently visit their stall in BGC to check new products. In case you’re not yet familiar with what they offer, here’s a list of commonly used products that you can start with:

Fruit & Veggie Wash (250mL)

Fun fact: Banana extract can be used as a sanitizing concentrate and this is the main ingredient of Messy Bessy’s Fruit and Veggie Wash. Since it’s quite hard to do a DIY sanitizer, this product can be a go-to option after rinsing fruits, vegetables, meat, and even seafood. All you need to do is spray it on the food before eating or cooking. A must-have for cooks who are very meticulous about each ingredient’s cleanliness.

Big Little Warrior Green Tea (500mL)

An alternative to rubbing alcohol, the Big Little Warrior Green Tea Sanitizer is a moisturizer and sanitizer in one. Might be worth considering if your skin easily dries out, just like mine. I’ve been extra careful since the pandemic started so normal alcohol ended up making my skin flaky.

Hand and Body Wash Bamboo Fresh (50mL)

Free of sulfate, parabens, colorant, and toxins that can work its way through our skin and body. It smells really good, too! Bamboo Fresh scent is my go-to aroma if minty ones are not available. Since it’s in a small packaging, I keep one in my bag so I can wash my hands anywhere I go. Using it is also very easy. Just directly apply on your skin or on a bath sponge, lather, rinse, and you’re done! Doesn’t dry the skin as well.

Hand Cream Bamboo Fresh (50g)

If the scent of the hand and body wash isn’t enough for you yet, Messy Bessy also has a hand cream of the same scent. The hand cream, however, smells stronger. It works similar with other hand creams, except the ingredients are more natural and eco-friendly. Recommendable for people like me whose hands tend to feel dry after hours of typing and working.

Minty Orange Surface Cleaner (500mL)

There’s something about citrus-scented cleaners that make me believe that they work well vs other products with a different scent. This surface cleaner can remove stains and polish surfaces while keeping it smelling citrusy good. However, before using such, users must remember to shake the bottle well since the ingredients don’t blend so well. You’ll see an orange-like substance on top from time to time but that doesn’t mean it’s expired. Shaking will do the trick.

Just in time for Earth Day, these products will also be part of Shopee’s Shop Green campaign happening from April 19 to 25, 2021. Products will be on sale for up to 25% off so we can save more while doing more for the planet. Just click on the product names above to be redirected to Messy Bessy’s product page. Remember that buying eco-friendly products won’t be enough, though! We must know how to properly dispose or recycle biodegradable waste. Empty Messy Bessy bottles can be refilled at their reflling stations as well!

Not only are we helping the planet by switching to eco-friendly (and refillable) options, we are also helping employ, educate, and empower at-risk young adults through the HOUSE Foundation. Make a switch today! 🙂

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4 Replies to “Sustainable, eco-friendly Messy Bessy products to consider this Earth Day (and beyond!)”

  1. It’s nice to know that this citrus-scented cleaners are also available during the Earth Day which is part of of Shopee’s Shop Green campaign. They are also offering a great discount which is 25% that can make us save more. This is a great offer for us and we are also helping the planet by switching to eco-friendly options.

  2. Wow Ang gandAng product naman po nito at naka sale pa.. Nice to know dahil Maaari nating makuha ang mga ito, hanggang 25% off sa pamamagitan ng Shopee sa panahon ng kanilang kampanya sa Green Shop.

  3. I like this Shopee’s Shop Green campaign coz it’s supports ecofriendly and sustainable products. These products from Messy Bessy are a must buy, aside that they are made from natural ingredients and effective, purchasing their products gives us an opportunity to help people and the environment.

  4. Wow ang ganda nmn ng poduct nitong messy bessy Ang gaganda ng mga ingredients niya . Abangan ko ito para campaign ng shop green sa shopee 🤗❤️

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