DID YOU KNOW: ITZY uses Maybelline products and they’re now its global spokesmodels!

One of our favorite cosmetics brands and one of our favorite K-Pop groups are teaming up, and I can’t contain my excitement about this partnership! For Filipino MIDZYs*, this is definitely good news as it gives us the chance to see more of Ryujin, Chaeryeong, Yeji, Lia, and Yuna of ITZY on Maybelline materials everywhere we go. In fact, as early as now, we can already see them on Maybelline PH’s official Shopee store!

*Note: Fans of ITZY are called MIDZY, which means “trust” (e.g. Fans trust ITZY and vice versa).

Formed in 2019 under JYP Entertainment, K-Pop group ITZY took the world by storm through their LSS-inducing bops like Not Shy, WANNABE, and Dalla Dalla – the quintet’s debut single that peaked at #2 on Billboard’s YouTube chat and #1 on iTunes’ song chart in twelve regions. With four albums, a reality series, and numerous awards within just two years, there’s a high chance that you’ve already heard them on the radio or online. They also have an upcoming album called Guess Who, which is set to drop on April 30, 2021!

We don’t always get to hear K-Pop idols using makeup brands that are easily accessible in our country so let me share what the girls have to say about this newest project:

“Maybelline and ITZY share commonality as being confident and bold while still being authentic and approachable at the same time,” shares Yuna. ITZY’s spirit and positive platform seem to sync up with Maybelline’s brand values of confidence, empowerment, and inclusivity and we’re here for it!

As a group that exudes confidence, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, Yeji, Lia, and Yuna turn to makeup experimentation as a way to express themselves in their own unique ways while showcasing the personality and power of ITZY collectively.

“When we’re on stage, we use makeup to try to express the extra confidence. I believe people of all ages have their own charms, so makeup could help them express this,” adds Ryujin.

“When I grew up abroad, I encountered Maybelline in many shops in cosmetic departments and saw ads from TV and various media channels – I can’t believe I’ll be in those now,” exclaims Chaeryeong. “Ever since I’ve opened my eyes on makeup, I have well known about the Maybelline brand, and I am so excited to be a part of it!”

“We have always admired the Maybelline brand and are so excited to be able to contribute our creativity, positivity, and energy to their global community,” says ITZY. “It’s a huge opportunity to bring new sides of ourselves to our fans and to remind the world that being confident and bold is in all of us.”

And if I may add, it’s not just ITZY who is excited about this new opportunity. Even Trisha Chua, Marketing Director of Maybelline New York in the Philippines, is eager to welcome them onboard: “When I first heard about the global partnership, I kept thinking about how it would be most exciting to share this news to Filipino K-Pop fans! I have witnessed ITZY’s power to inspire women to be more confident – we hope to be able to further that in the Philippines through this collaboration.”

Personally, I’m looking forward to see limited-edition ITZY-inspired products in the Philippines, but for now, we’ll have to wait for official announcements regarding what’s in store for Filipino MIDZYs. For updates, check out the hashtag #MaybellineITZY, too! <3

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P.S. In case you don’t know what LSS means, it’s “last song syndrome”!

4 Replies to “DID YOU KNOW: ITZY uses Maybelline products and they’re now its global spokesmodels!”

  1. Wow ang galing nmn to napaka gandang product din tlga ng maybelline at tlgang kilalang kilala , npaka ganda na nging spokesmodel ang ITZY ng maybelline 🤗❤️

  2. Isa po talaga ito ang kilalang kilala natin , at talagang magandang product ang maybelline. Tulad ko puro maybelline lahat ng gamit ko lalo nung nakaraan nag sale talaga kaya parang naparami ata ang stock ko 😁

  3. As we all know Maybelline is really good as well as this kpop group ITZY. I agree that people of all ages have their own charms, so makeup could help them express this. It is really rare to see and hear that kpop using such makeup brands that are easily accessible in our country. This partnership of ITZY and Maybelline is really exciting.

  4. This is really a good news to ITZY’s fandom. This global partnership with Maybelline will make way for their more appearances and even the limited-edition ITZY-inspired products in the Philippines. I’m sure that the excitement of ITZY and Maybelline fans is ineffable.

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