Yaaas, Pizza Hut now has Crispy Fries!

Have you ever craved for fries (the crispy kind) while munching on pizza? I have! And this was actually one of my cravings when I had Stuffed-Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut a few weeks ago. Who would’ve thought that it would be available in just a few days? Since our #prayers have been answered, sharing the good news with potato lovers out there: Pizza Hut has just added Crispy Fries in their menu!

These pieces of potato cuts are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, with a mild, salty flavor. Best served warm and eaten while they’re freshly cooked, though! Pizza Hut says these potato cuts are cooked in a way that helps them stay crispy for a longer period than regular fries, making it suitable for delivery and take-away orders. Best part? A la carte orders are only Php 75 , while the bigger size (good for two servings) cost Php 129 as an add-on to any Pizza Hut Hot Deals offer. We can save Php 21 by doing so.

On top of that, we can also add pasta, soup, and drinks to our preferred pizza sets and save more with Pizza Hut’s all-new Hot Deals add-ons. Here’s the list:

  • Php 199: Two servings of Single Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Php 249: One family-size Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Php 299: One family-size Spaghetti Carbonara
  • Php 140: Four servings of Mushroom Soup
  • Php 149: Four 12oz glasses of Lemonade

All of these special prices apply to any of Pizza Hut’s Hot Deals promos priced at P499, P599, P699, and P999. The offer is available for take-out and delivery only, though.

To place an order, you can call their new hotline: 8911-1111, order via website at www.pizzahut.com.ph or via the Pizza Hut mobile app (available for Android and iOS), or via their delivery partners — GrabFood and foodpanda. For dine-in, take-out, and curbside pick-ups, you can visit your nearest Pizza Hut branch while maintaining social distancing and proper safety protocols. For a list of currently open stores, updated daily in accordance and compliance to LGU guidelines, check out www.pizzahut.com.ph/store-list

Eat well and be safe, millennials! 🙂

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4 Replies to “Yaaas, Pizza Hut now has Crispy Fries!”

  1. Wow! I really love eating fries especially when I’m watching some movies with my family or with my friends. That’s why I love this new product of Pizza Hut which is crispy fries. It looks so delicious that made me want to eat it right now. What’s more interesting about this is its affordable price which is really amazing.

  2. This is good news for me coz fries are my favorite 🥰 I like that it is now available in pizza hut and I can have some add-ons with a very affordable price. I love pizza hut’s hot deals promo as well 🤗 A great value for money.

  3. Super love ko tlga ang fries . Madalas ito din tlga pinaglilihian ko 🤗 Must try ang crispy fries ng pizza hut ❤️ very affordable price .. kala ko tlga april fools 😁 totoo tlga ❤️

  4. Wow. Isa ito sa hindi mawawala samin. Favorite talaga namin ang fries. Kahit araw arawin pa kaming kumain nito talagang never kami mag sasawa. eheehe.. Must try din dito sa fries nila for sure heto rin ang best fries nila. 😋❤️ Affordable price pa 🤗

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