Laced up for 2021: Closer look at the Keds Ace Leather Lace-up Sneakers — now available online

I was told that every new year should be welcomed with a new #OOTD to mark a fresh start. To welcome 2021, I’m lacing up with Keds footwear for a sleek and feminine take on the classic tennis shoe silhouette for a change. However, not everyone is sold when it comes to leather footwear so here’s my take on the Keds Ace Leather Lace-up Sneakers in black color.


It comes in a normal Keds box, but expect a few dents here and there when bought online as these are being passed around by couriers during sorting before it reaches our doorsteps. The shoes are well-wrapped, though! It comes with stuffings to prevent creases as well. Pretty much the same presentation as in-store purchases.


The black sneakers come with two lace colors – black and white, so it’s up to the user to determine which s/he prefers. I personally prefer the black-on-black combo but upon doing a quick survey via Instagram Stories, 40% find the white lace better than the black one (with 60% votes). I guess final answers will still depend on your usual OOTD, though!

I’m not a fan of soft-type leather since it tends to chip off even when not in use, but after using this one from Keds for around 3 days, the pair is still intact (and that’s a good sign that made me reconsider). It’s comfortable to wear, the white soles are thick enough to protect my feet, my toes didn’t hurt after a lot of walking, and the plain design is versatile enough to be paired with almost any outfit. The “Keds” prints are also very subtle – which is a good thing since I don’t like unnecessary words printed on my shoes. It only has a small sewed-in tag near the laces, an embossed print on the shoe tongue, and gold prints inside.

Underneath, you’ll find a blue Keds logo on the white soles. The prints are enough to keep you from slipping, too. However, it’s a given that the soles will easily get dirty when used outdoors since it’s white. It would need constant brushing and cleaning to keep the sides of the soles looking neat.

What made me consider this brand? Keds offers half sizes – something that not a lot of brands offer. Shoe size charts for USA, UK, and EUR sizes are also available in their page in case you’re not sure about your shoe size.


Each pair costs Php 3,795 in Keds stores nationwide but I would suggest that you opt for online purchases in the meantime for safety. For discounts, vouchers, and free shipping, you can get the Ace Leather Lace-Up Sneakers from Shopee Mall. Other Keds designs are also available on their official page.

I’m happy with this new sneaker addition, especially now that my dogs gnawed on some of my favorite pairs. It’s very different from the usual chunky sneakers that I wear so it’s definitely a good change to start 2021.

What’s your go-to design from Keds? Let us know in the comments section below so we can also check it out! Always open for sneaker suggestions.

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