Did you know that a shrimp can be an effective influencer?

2020 has been a crazy year and just when we thought that it couldn’t get crazier than funny me-and-my-jowa-woah videos, ads with a mom that has a bottle for a head, and other hilarious ways to cope with cabin fever during quarantine season, we now have a SHRIMP – a HOT SHRIMP to be exact, as an online influencer!

Meet Hot Hipon – a shrimp influencer or “shrimpfluencer” who has been taking over TikTok and Instagram with his entertaining content and sleek dance moves. This shrimp-headed dancer started the #HOTtawChallenge on TikTok, which now has over 242 million views to date! Who would’ve thought that a shrimp can beat normal human influencers? Not only that, this shrimp has bigtime friends, too. Hot Hipon recruited Rayver Cruz, Riva Quenery, Maverick Legaspi, Ruru Madrid, and even Gabbi Garcia – his celebrity HOTkada, to join in the fun.

We heard that his catchy moves were inspired by his favorite snack, Spicy Oishi Prawn Crackers and you can actually see that in his Instagram feed (@hothipon). I think I better start snacking on this one if I want to be as successful and “hot” as him!

Spicy Oishi Prawn Crackers and other flavors are available in groceries, supermarkets, and convenience stores nationwide. More details are at their Facebook page if you want to follow Hot Hipon’s latest endorsement.

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2 Replies to “Did you know that a shrimp can be an effective influencer?”

  1. Wow!si hot hipon pala nagpa trending nito sa tiktok.. Inspired talaga sya sa favorite snacks nyang hot oishi..Gusto korin to lalo na pag manonood ng movies o di kaya pulutan.Kaso di ko keri yung spicy 🔥.Whooooahhhh..Pero masarap😋

  2. wow ang cute naman ng Hot Hipon na to. bigating mga artista pa ang recruits. masarap po talaga ang oishi since bata pa ko fave ko na to, lalo na yung spicy nila coz i really love spicy.

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