Smartphone to smart homes: New realme AIoT products to make our lives easier

In this day ang age when signs of intelligence cannot easily be found on social media, it’s normal for us millennials to look for at least Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) and smart lifestyle devices to fill in the gaps in our lives. Good thing that brands like realme, which are known for their smartphones, are now expanding their product portfolio to include more devices that can help us create a smart home. Leading today’s launch are the realme M1 Sonic Electric toothbrush, realme Smart Scale, realme Adventurer Luggage, and the realme Smart Cam 360.

Our home is already powered by voice-activated devices, so why not add more products that can make our lives easier (as we focus our stress on more important things)? Since we were able to get first dibs, here’s how our first few days with three out of their four new products went:


As someone who just visited the dentist last week, I became very picky with the types of toothbrushes and toothpastes that I use. Not everything is good for sensitive teeth like mine! While I’m trying to recover from my recent tooth treatment, realme M1 Sonic Electric toothbrush’s Soft Mode paired with its detachable bristles for sensitive teeth became my go-to setting. Its Dupont™ 99.99% antibacterial bristles paired with 10⁰ stable swing is said to help mitigate the risks of dental problems and it comes with two variants for longer use.

Aside from the Soft Mode, there are three other settings to choose from – Clean Mode for daily use, White Mode for deep cleaning, and Polish Mode for shining teeth. I’ve tried to use all four in one brush just to try them but I guess the Soft Mode suits my aching teeth at the moment! It’s also easy to identify what mode is activated since the handle comes with indicator lights and labels below the power button. The brush itself looks premium albeit being a bit too big for my liking.

This electric toothbrush is powered by 800mAh battery capacity and a high-frequency sonic motor and can vibrate up to 34,000 times per minute with less than 60dB noise to improve user experience. However, even if it uses electricity, it can keep up with our needs for 90 days straight! Wireless charging only takes 4 hours for another three months of smart oral health, too. It’s probably the most premium-looking and least disturbing electric toothbrush that I’ve tried.

When brushing, users must remember that the electric toothbrush still needs a bit of effort from our end to reach spots that need thorough cleaning. Although it vibrates and drills through cavities, we’ll still need to continue with our usual up-and-down brushing routine three times a day. The toothbrush buzzes once activated but the buzzing sensation on the palm is something that users can get used to, at least I was able to get used to it right away. It’s like a free palm massage while brushing your teeth! And you don’t need to worry about it getting wet nor getting electrocuted since it’s IPX7 water-resistant, metal-free and skin-friendly.

The only downside that I noticed is realme’s lack of available toothbrush heads for replacement that can be bought separately, but since it’s a new product, I’m expecting that they’re still fixing the logistics for replaceable parts of their AIoT products.

Blue and white variants will be available for Php 1,990 starting November 11 but it will be brought down to Php 1,490 pesos during Lazada and Shopee’s 11.11 sale.


While it’s still too early to set out on another adventure, it’s not bad to prepare our luggage ahead of time! For quick trips to the beach in the future, realme introduced its Adventurer Luggae with an eye-catching rubiks-cube like shape and design. This one’s durable with 3 layers of Bayer Makrolon PC material – which is different from the traditional ABS material. It’s quite lightweight at 3.1kg, but it has a big capacity (36L) and two main storage compartments for our stuff. It didn’t budge when I sat on it, too!

I was able to use it for an overnight shoot and it has enough space to store my essentials for two whole days. Even though it has a lot of stuff inside, it’s easy to tag along since its wheels can turn 360 degrees. Plus, it’s super secured because of the YKK Premium Zipper with a built-in passcode.

I have around 3 types of luggage already of the same size but this, so far, is the most affordable one at only Php 2,990. If you get it during the 11.11 sale, its price will be further brought down to Php 2,490!


My favorite out of the three! No words can explain how amazed I am at this new realme Smart Scale when it comes to tips and health reports. I’ve been trying to manage unexpected weight loss ever since the start of the quarantine period and even though I haven’t been sick for the past few months, I noticed that my clothes became loose. Although I know that I’m underweight, this Smart Scale’s health report just after a few minutes of stepping onto the scale is very detailed and helpful. It also knows that my protein level is high – something that I only get to monitor through medical tests in the hospital, and that my muscle mass is low – something that I only get to measure at the gym.

The realme Smart Scale is ultra-thin at 23.33mm, it has a 6mm enhanced tempered glass cover in blue and white variants. This scale is so smart, it has a BIA sensor (for bioimpedance analysis), advanced heart rate monitor, and you can connect it to your phone via the realme Link App so it can do the explaining about your health reports after weigh-ins. It has 16 types of health measurements – weight, fat rate, body shape, BMI, muscle mass, body age, basal metabolism, lean body weight, moisture rate, muscle rate, visceral fat level, skeletal muscle, bone mass, protein, fat mass, and even heart rate, and record data of up to 4 people so you can also look after your family members’ health as well.

It works with or without the realme Link App, but you’ll need the app to receive detailed explanations about your body’s status and tips on how you can improve on certain areas. The types of exercises listed on each room for growth is very detailed as well. Plus, even though you’re not using a realme phone, the app still works perfectly. The four batteries that come with the scale are good enough for 360 days so we can track our progress for almost a year. They’re easy to replace since we just need to open the battery cover at the back.

The scale can measure your weight even if you’re wearing socks; however, to enjoy its full features, users need to be barefoot so the skin can touch the metal pads for heart rate measurements and the like.

This lifestyle and health companion only costs Php 1,590 but it will be on sale on November 11 as well for only Php 1,090. Super steal! For those purchasing products via Lazada, you can use your Lazada Wallet to pay for a minimum of Php 5,000 – the price of all three  products above- to claim an additional discount of Php 400.

Time to make improvements and shift from just having a smartpone to having a smart home!

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  1. Super level up na talaga si realme ngayon, from smart phones nag eexpand na sila sa smart home things natin. Loved the toothbrush and the luggage. Grabe super high tech talaga pati yung smart scale 😊😊

  2. This kind of Blog content was so Awesome, sobrang worth to read tlaga, at gaganda ng Features, worth to buy.. iba din ang ganda ng quality .. maraming salamat sa pagshare ate Ces, sobrang nkakaAmaze po tlaga mga Blog and Post mo.

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