Mystery Boxes: To buy or not to buy? | Funko Pop! Edition

Mystery boxes have been around for a long time now – from all-tech, beauty products, and even the most random combinations out there that you can find during sale season. Now, let’s talk about the pros and cons of getting one from Funko Pop! shops.

I talked about this briefly in my latest #CesPlays video, where I unboxed my first ever Funko Pop! Mystery Box, but let me go in detail:

I find it funny whenever I see someone ranting about their pulls on social media after fully consenting to the terms and conditions, plus the risks of buying a mystery box from shops. Of course, there are certain exceptions to this – like when the item shipped is heavily damaged, item is different from what was announced, to name a few. BUT, it just irks me to see people demanding to always WIN in this gamble. Yes, buying a mystery box is a huge gamble, especially if you’re throwing in a lot of money on the line. It’s just weird when people publicly complain that they bought x amount of mystery boxes and didn’t receive an exclusive Pop! when they could’ve just saved all that money to buy what they really want (especially when the exclusive item that they’re looking for is still available in stores).

So before buying one, here are a few points to consider, especially if you’re just starting to collect Funko Pops:


  • You’re ready for the thrill it brings. It can make you feel a lot of things – from being super nervous to being extra happy or disappointed. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions.
  • You have money to spare. Make sure to prioritize essentials at home, of course!
  • The deal is good. Shops usually list what to expect from mystery boxes. For example:
    • / Comic Odyssey’s Php 999 Mystery Select Wave 3 Deluxe comes with a random Pop! and a random Funko shirt. The shirt alone costs around Php 599 so it’s a win-win, no matter what type of Pop! you’ll get.
    • R Collectibles also has a lucky box from time to time, where all the boxes contain stickered Pops. This usually costs more than Php 1000.
    • Mainstream MNL has exclusive boxes with Funko Pops, Nendoroids, figures and other collectibles for Php 4,500 but from posts I’ve seen, consumers usually get more or just the same price as what they’ve paid for.
    • Bully Boy Collectibles’ Imperfect Mystery Box (set of 6) only costs Php 2,000 (around Php 300 per item) – something to consider for OOB (Out of Box) collectors.
  • You want to start collecting random Funko Pops (a.k.a. popseuy like the Chopseuy viand). It’s a fun way to figure out what line you’re “destined” to start with!


  • You’re not ready to be disappointed or have the tendency to lash out on social media because… you might regret it especially if you’re on the “illogical” side.
  • You’re feeling entitled. Just because you’re a famous person, an influencer (or a self-proclaimed influencer), someone who is close with the owner, etc., that does not automatically give you a free pass at a “lucky box”.
  • You have limited knowledge about pop culture or the specific line being given away in the mystery box.
  • You’re saving money and would probably regret the purchase in the end.

Mystery boxes have been in my cart since March when I finally decided to push through with a My Hero Academia Funko Pop! line. I only had the guts to check ONE BOX out this September. Don’t buy one if you’re not yet ready, it can wait!

I’ve had my fair share of luck and disappointment in mystery boxes and these apply to all mystery box themes. I’d honestly recommend that you try purchasing one within your budget at least once in your life (once you’re ready). It’s fun when you feel like gambling. Good luck if you’ll be trying this out soon! Would suggest that you check out the shops I mentioned above if you’re interested. 😉

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