Quarantine Tribute OOTD: Steal deals from Penshoppe (face shield for people with glasses included)

If I were to describe my recurring look in my #OOTDs during quarantine period, it would be: SIMPLE. You’ll actually see a lot of oversized graphic tees, shorts, and comfortable footwear (slides, loafers, slippers, or sneakers) in my recent posts. This type of look is comfortable to wear for quick grocery runs – since the supermarket is just walking distance from our place, or package pick-ups at drop-off points in our area. In case you need ideas for your next look as a “quarantine tribute” for errands, here are my suggestions:

1. Penshoppe Bucket Hat with Detachable Face Shield (Tan)

Price: Php 399

Where to get it: Shopee

First on my list is this heaven-sent item for people with eyeglasses like me. Since it’s been super uncomfortable for me to wear a glasses-type of face shield on top of my actual specs or wear a garterized one that keeps on sliding up my hair, I opted for hats with a removable face shield to make my life easier. This way, I can still wear my eyeglasses comfortably, shield my face from the rays of the sun, and also remove the face shield with ease. This is also available in black!

2. Graphic Tees/ Funny Tees

Price: Php 299

Where to get it: Shopee

An eye-catching design makes any type of tee stand out of the crowd. An example of which is this simple oversized alcohol spray tee from Penshoppe. It’s in a simple blush color but you can find a design that resembles the two important types of alcohol – the one you drink and the one we spray on everything. It’s just a fun way reminding ourselves (and other people who see our tee) to sanitize! You can visit Penshoppe’s official store to see other designs available.

3. Two Band Sliders

Price: Php 329

Where to get it: Shopee

I’d be honest – I found the design a bit weird at first but after a while, I already understood why people prefer sliders over slippers. These Penshoppe Two Band Sliders in light blue color are way more comfortable than my current slip-ons. These don’t leave a mark on my skin after hours of use and wearing them feels like you’re not wearing anything because it’s light and spacious enough for your feet. It’s good for walking but not for running. The material is also easy to wash so we can easily sanitize them after running errands outside our home.

For only around Php 1000, you can already get all these three from Penshoppe’s official Shopee store so you won’t need to go to the mall anymore. Always remember to keep safe when you’re outside and may the odds be ever in our favor (during our errands day)!

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5 Replies to “Quarantine Tribute OOTD: Steal deals from Penshoppe (face shield for people with glasses included)”

  1. WoW! ang ganda naman face shield to Ms. Ces good news to sa mga Penshoppe lovers and everyone outhere mukhang comfort at mas safe talaga isuot to 😍 salamat Shopee 👍😍❤

  2. Great items! I want yung Penshoppe Bucket Hat with Detachable Face Shield! Ang cool ng design at ganda color niya perfect na perfect sa ootd! ❤️

  3. Super Deal talaga this ate Ces. AND super Gaganda ng Design .. even the Mask, And Faceshield. And I Really Love The Way You Vlog po tlaga sobra. 😭😭💙💙💙 super NakkaAmaze, truly You Deserve a Full and Genuine Support po talaga

  4. Wow Love this Quarantine Look Ate Cess
    Super Gaganda po at sobrang laking tulong tlaga 💙💙 and super affordable tlaga 💙💙

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