UNBOXING: Php 3,000 all-tech Birthday Mystery Box from Poundit.com

Time for another tech-related unboxing video! This time, I don’t know what’s inside and I have no idea whether or not the all-tech items included in this “Php 3,000 Birthday Mystery Box” from Poundit.com can be useful in my day-to-day activities. Since I’m such a scaredy cat when it comes to these things, I treated myself to one as part of my post-birthday celebration.

Here’s a look at the items that I’ve received:

If you compute the total SRP of all five items inside the box, it actually reaches Php 3,475 – considering that the powerbank is already on sale. Otherwise, the total would even be nearer Php 4,000! It’s a sulit deal for people who need back-up items for daily use or those who need random items for the entire family.

Personally, these Mystery Boxes are a nice option for those who can’t think of a gift for their family and friends. Poundit.com also has other themed mystery boxes (e.g. Father’s Day box, all Xiaomi box) ranging from Php 3,000 to as much as Php 250,000. Some of these boxes contain up-to-date models of mobile phones and other gadgets.

In case you want to level up, you can also watch our Php 5,000 Mystery Box unboxing here:

And in case Mystery Boxes aren’t your thing, Poundit.com also offers specific items at their website. I was able to buy a nice Type-C cable and laptop bag from their page around February this year and both items are still in ship-shape today!

Think you can handle getting a Mystery Box for yourself? 😉

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