The story behind my ‘My Hero Academia’ Funko Pop collection

Quick story time!

Behind every unboxing video that I put out in my channel is an interesting backstory that I fail to mention within the 5-8 minutes of my YouTube appearance. Since I want my videos to be as straightforward as possible, let me share bits and pieces of my life through weekly blogs instead.

In case you haven’t seen my latest unboxing video, here you go:

We’re now on the sixth month of being stuck at home, my fifth month of being totally sucked into the Funko Pop world which I’ve accidentally discovered because of a single Funko Pop – SDCC Katsuki Bakugo (but I got an SCE one)!

Before I started officially collecting My Hero Academia (MHA) Funko Pops, it was already hard for me to say no to MHA figures and other toys. These items are my stress-reliever and they honestly helped keep me sane and busy throughout the quarantine period. While I can’t go out to look for nice flowers or a sky that isn’t covered by tall buildings and annoying electric poles, I turned to toys as a subject for my photo and video “projects” to help keep my editing skills in check. I’m no expert, so practicing on a weekly basis is a must!

What started as a passion project featuring micro-building blocks, Nendoroids, random figures, and three Funko Pops (Shigaraki, Todoroki, and Katsuki 249), transformed into a full-blown MHA line collection for me and it started when SDCC announced the upcoming release of Katsuki Bakugo in full hero costume. A hunt for one character now evolved into an attendance sheet for all the students, teachers (and even villains) from U.A.!

I wanted to start something that I can openly share with people around me and it also helped that I was able to find a supportive community during my Bakugo hunt. Not a lot of people know about these things and I just want to share the joy with people who visit this page. It also hits differently when people thank you for sharing something that they don’t know (e.g. a huge Funko Pop community in the PH, existence of Noodle Stoppers from Japan, the jaw-dropping price of figures) and it’s a pleasure to share something new every time I can. Of course, I’ve had my fair share of “toy haters” on the page, but to be honest, there’s no perfect toy. It’s our experiences and happiness in owning one that makes an imperfect item seem perfect. Haters can choke, just continue being you.

While other people may find it childish to still own “toys” beyond the age of 20, I beg to disagree. It’s good to be child-like from time to time just to keep ourselves grounded, sane, and stress-free. Some may find it weird, but I say it’s completely fine as long as whoever’s collecting such figures can balance their expenses every month and prioritize their needs above everything else. There’s always a little kid deep within our hearts – some looking for pretty makeup, some going after luxury items, and some going after valuable toys, and it helps to spoil that side of us when we can (in a reasonable way, of course)! 🙂

I have a lot more to share but I guess these are good for now. My #CesPlays toy features will be up every Monday on! For other updates about our latest discoveries within the Metro (and beyond), you can also follow Manila Millennial on Facebook or Instagram! Keep safe and spend wisely, everyone! 

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