Going with the ‘flō’: Local specialty coffee that can be delivered to your home

Gone are the days when we can show up late to work or class with a cup of coffee in hand. In the so-called “new normal”, we can’t even risk ourselves to go out for a cup of coffee! To adapt to the changing needs of customers, local café flō coffee in Pasig City — whose business was also majorly hit by the lockdown — opted to shift to coffee delivery for the caffeine-deprived people of the Metro. As a coffee lover, I’d rather support local businesses during these trying times than well-established global coffee houses, of course! Here’s a look at the affordable specialty coffee in reusable bottles that they have in store:


Price: Php 130

I’m not a fan of matcha, but I’m head over heels with flō coffee’s Matcha Cold Brew Coffee. It’s like drinking coffee minus too much bitterness. The matcha taste is just right and it’s sweet enough for someone like me who prefers black coffee. You can drink it straight from the bottle but it also tastes great over ice – the taste won’t get watered down!

2. BLK (Concentrate + Water)

Price: Php 100

flō describes BLK as a “no-nonsense jolt of caffeine in a bottle” and they weren’t joking when they said that. This is my usual go-to coffee! It’s naturally sweet and it can really wake you up in the morning.

3. WHT (Concentrate + Milk + Sugar)

Price: Php 120

It’s like a latte, but stronger! I’d recommend WHT for people who prefer a milky flavor in their drinks. Also tried it over ice and the flavor is just so strong enough to be watered down by a bunch of ice cubes.


Price: Php 130

Another 250mL of cold brew coffee goodness with a twist! The coffee is so strong in this one, I can’t taste the white chocolate anymore. However, as a strong coffee lover, I still managed to drink the entire bottle.


Price: Php 130

My sister’s favorite flavored blend. She also likes strong flavors and even managed to make her own twist to the drink by adding vanilla ice cream! I’d have to commend her for this, it did go well with flō’s creation.


Price: Php 130

If BLK isn’t available and I want a strong flavor, I’d definitely go for Dark Mocha. This flavored blend really gives off a dark mocha taste which is great because I miss munching on dark chocolate! It goes well with my afternoon cookies, too.

7. UNO (Cold Brew Concentrate)

(Photo from flo coffee’s Facebook page)

Price: Php 160

For people who prefer making their own cups of coffee, flō also offers a Cold Brew Concentrate, which is the base layer of all the drinks that they offer. Customers can make their own servings (good for 2-3 cups) based on their preference — add milk, water, and sugar as much as they want, and serve it hot or cold.

Aside from being affordable, flō coffee also takes pride in bridging the work of Filipino farmers from Benguet and Davao to their customers. Coffee beans are made proudly by Filipinos, for Filipinos (and anyone living/visiting the Philippines). They also offer drip bags for only Php 280!

To place orders, simply fill out this form: bit.ly/FloCoffeePlease. You can also send them a message via Facebook and Instagram for inquiries.

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