LIST: Must-try online food stores that deliver within Metro Manila

Being in quarantine for three months is no joke – both for frontliners and ordinary people. More and more people have turned to cooking homemade dishes and re-selling snacks for extra income while everyone is still encouraged to stay at home. While we’re doing our part to contain the virus, it’s also okay to give in to our food cravings from time to time, provided that we’re also looking out for the riders picking up our food and supporting small businesses that need it most!

For those who are looking for recommendations on new dishes and snacks, here are some of our best picks from online shops that we’ve recently tried:

Richilda’s Home Kitchen

Currently on top of our Sushi Bake list! Richilda’s Home Kitchen makes mean Salmon Kani Sushi Bake servings that go really well with nori wraps and mangoes. The salmon is so flavorful and it’s also a bit spicy, which sets it apart from typical Sushi Bake orders from other stores. A small size costs Php 320, medium size costs Php 580, while a large size costs Php 1,100. They also offer other dishes like Shrimp Aligue Pasta and Truffle Pasta!

Where to order: Facebook or Instagram

Flavours by Yna

I’ve tried different types of Ube Cheese Pandesal from different sellers but so far, Flavours by Yna reigns best. The bread itself is ube-flavored, it has cheese filling, and the best part – it has ube halaya filling! The taste is way better than other ube-cheese pandesal that just tastes like pandesal with cheese. Their colorful variants also caught our attention. They also offer Tsokolate, Butternut, Blueberry, Red Velvet, and Matcha, to name a few. You can already try a dozen for only Php 240 per box.

Where to order: Facebook or Instagram


Filipinos are so innovative when it comes to food. At Rolyo, they’re selling Kimbap… with a Pinoy twist! Instead of usual Korean ingredients, Rolyo sticks with Filipino favorites like tapa, tuna, and egg. Each variant can be made spicy! I highly recommend their spicy Cheesy Omelette Kimbap. It goes well with any of the other variants. Price for every order with 10 slices ranges from Php 120-150.

Where to order: Facebook or Instagram

Cheppy’s Kimbap

If you’re looking for something affordable, Cheppy’s Kimbap is the way to go! They follow the usual Korean style of preparing Kimbap, but this is probably the most affordable that I’ve tried in my entire life – no exaggerations! They offer Regular Kimbap for only Php 85 per roll, Cheese and Kimchi Kimbap for Php 90 per roll, and a generous serving Tteokbokki for Php 90. We heard they’ll be offering Kimchi soon, too!

Where to order: Facebook or Instagram


For those who miss traveling, how about treating your tastebuds to flavors from Thailand? Tahwan shares the flavors of Thailand to their followers in a healthier way. Their Vegan Pad Thai (Php 185) is a winner if you’re on a diet or just simply looking for a healthy alternative. They also have Vegan Mango Sticky Rice (Php 170)! However, Tahwan only delivers on weekends so best to secure a slot as early as Monday.

Where to order: Facebook or Instagram


Another amazing innovation from the Filipino kitchen! Lako shakes take pride in drinks that are inspired by popular Filipino merienda/dessert. Who would’ve thought that Bibingka, Champorado, Cassava, Langka, and even Ensaymada can be turned into shake form? Lako made this possible at an affordable price. Servings only cost Php 140 – Php 150.

Where to order: Facebook or Instagram

The Mermaid’s Plate

For dessert, how about some Pecan Chocolate Brownies? You can get a box with 6 pcs for Php 300 and 12 pcs for Php 450 at The Mermaid’s Plate. The brownies are cut in big sizes and you can easily tell that they used premium ingredients. It’s not super sweet but it’s sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. Worth the extra sugar and calories! The Mermaid’s Plate also offers other pastries and Thai Pink Milk.

Where to order: Facebook or Instagram

Non Stop Shop

Non Stop Shop has our favorite snacks – from imported chocolates, biscuits, to full meals. Recently purchased a box of Tiger Sugar’s Black Sugar Boba Milk Ice Cream Bar for only Php 420, a can of butter cookies for Php 270, and chocolate-filled cookies for only Php 100! I munch on these while working so I won’t get sleepy. They also sell non-food items, too!

Where to order: Facebook or Instagram

Mimi’s Sweet Delights

If Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies with a loooot of chocolate chips are your thing, go for Mimi’s Sweet Delights. A tub of 6 huge cookies only costs Php 130, 12 pcs for Php 350, and 24 pcs for Php 600! They also offer healthy ice cream, brownies, fudgy crinkles, and cinnamon rolls at an affordable price.

Where to buy: Facebook

Mr. Tango

If you’re tired of the usual bobba milk tea, I highly recommend you to try locally made Mr. Tango Creamy Milky Tapioca drink from Quezon City! It has the “sinkers” that we usually crave for – tapioca, gulaman/nata, and even chunks of fresh fruit. It’s super creamy, it can pass as a dessert after eating or as a merienda. I love the Avocado flavor (I’ve been craving for it after finishing one bottle, TBH), but I would also recommend you to try the Nata-Corn if you’re feeling adventurous – that one has a lot of chewy sinkers inside. 350mL servings only cost Php 99-105 while 500mL bottles costs Php 130-135. Each drink comes in reusable bottles, too! Cut-off for orders is every 12nn of Tuesday and Saturday, while deliveries are made every Wednesday and Sunday.

Where to buy: Facebook or Instagram

Go Gyoza

In case you’re craving for Japanese pan-fried dumplings or “gyoza”, Go Gyoza can deliver packs of both frozen and cooked gyoza to your doorstep. Each pack with 8pcs. of gyoza costs Php 120 and they’re all meaty enough to be paired with noodles or even rice. Go Gyoza is also open for bulk orders, but you’ll need to inform them at least 2-3 days prior your preferred delivery date. They can ship to anywhere within the Metro from Las Piñas.

Where to buy: Facebook or Instagram

Holy Carabao from Lucky James Shoppe

You can also get fresh servings of carabao milk and Kesong Puti even while staying in the Metro! Lucky James Shoppe offers Holy Carabao products – Strawberry Milk (Php 220), Chocolate Milk (Php 195), Plain Carabao Milk (Php 195), Pastillas de Leche (Php 150), Kesong Puti (Php 150), and Milky Cheese Donuts (Php 150/box of 10)! All yummy and nutritious! I didn’t get a stomachache after drinking their chocolate milk, so that’s a really good sign. They also offer Geno’s Ice Cream, which is a pretty popular brand in Bataan. To order, simply fill out their order form via Facebook/Instagram or get in touch with them via personal message. They accept payments via GCash or BDO and they can instantly ship your items via Grab/LalaMove.

Fun fact: Carabao milk has less potassium and sodium. It can also be preserved longer than cow’s milk. This, however, must be consumed within 2 days after opening.

Where to buy: Facebook or Instagram

All shops mentioned above delivers to anywhere within Metro Manila. Delivery can be coursed through Grab, LalaMove, or Angkas, while delivery fee must be shouldered by the buyer.

We’ll continue to add more shops in this list soon. We’ve been ordering food from different restaurants and online stores for the past few weekends but, of course, we’re only adding those that we loved here! 🙂

Keep safe while enjoying these treats, okay? For updates about our latest discoveries within the Metro (and beyond), follow Manila Millennial on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

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