#CesPlays Video 6: BMO and what’s next on the channel

We’re down to our last Adventure Time Miniso Micro-Building Blocks feature on our YouTube Channel. Thank you so much to everyone who subscribed to our newly revived channel! I still have a lot to learn but seeing that there are people watching continue to keep me motivated to share more of my toy hauls.

Since we’re building BMO this week, let me share my favorite fun fact about this character. Since BMO is a video game console/robot, he/she does not have a specific gender identity. I initially thought that BMO is a girl but, s/he somehow identifies as both in select episodes! While it has been noted that BMO may represent people with schizophrenia since s/he plays different personalities in his/her head, I still like how Adventure Time creators made it clear that an individual’s gender does not depend on what his/her voice sounds like, what his/her color may be, or what name was give to him/her. BMO is blue-green in color, has a feminine-like voice with a strong accent, has a mix of hobbies that are usually exclusively male or female, and the name is very generic! Despite having the chance to assign a gender through usual cues – like color of the outfit and voice – the creators preferred to keep BMO gender-fluid.

A dancing BMO! (Image from Cartoon Network’s ‘Adventure Time’)

Just like in real life, we must learn to accept people who prefer not to box themselves under one gender identity. I still need to do more readings about such orientations, but one thing’s for sure – no matter how people identify themselves, we must be more open to accepting them as they are.


We’re not yet done, of course! We just started our bi-monthly schedule, so we might as well keep the videos coming. For the next few videos, we’ll be doing some unboxing, quick review, and a closer look at collectible toys that are quite famous within the anime-loving community. We’ll be unboxing a Big Boys Toys haul worth Php 7,000 in the next one (crazy, right??), so click the subscribe button if you want to be notified about our upcoming content.

For those who are curious about where we got the Adventure Time microblocks in the video: We got these from Miniso at around Php 299 or 399 – I already forgot, sorry! Will update you as soon as I visit Miniso again. <3 If you have leads on where I can find Jake the Dog’s microblocks box, please let me know!!

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Keep safe and healthy, everyone!

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