LIST: 10 community quarantine essentials below Php 100 from Shopee Mart 5.5 sale

The enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) continues and it’s starting to get stricter and stricter here in Manila. Here in our area, we can now only go out 3 times a week, with a 5-hour window in the morning and a 3-hour limitation in the afternoon. With limited time on our hands and long lines in stores, we usually opt for deliveries – provided that we allot something to give back to riders who are working hard amid the pandemic. A recent platform that we’ve looked into is Shopee Mart (under the Shopee app), which recently resumed full operations for all goods.

In case you’re also looking for tipid items to add to your shopping list, here are 10 ECQ essentials under Php 100 that we found, just in time for the Shopee Mart 5.5 Sale on May 5, 2020:

(Image from Shopee Philippines’ Facebook page)

1. Face Mask Filter

Price: Php 99

Why buy: If you’re using cloth masks or washable masks with removable filters, you’ll need to change the filter inside after every use. This is to ensure that you won’t be able to inhale the virus and develop bacteria inside our masks.

2. Alcohol (500mL)

Price: Php 91 (Band-Aid Isopropyl Alcohol)

Why buy: Alcohol is the best alternative to handwashing when we don’t have access to soap and water (according to reports). This works, but best if you can find a 70% alcohol solution!

3. Bleach

Price: Php 50 (Zonrox)

Why buy: Aside from using this on our clothes and bathroom tiles, bleach can also be used to disinfect goods that we’ve purchased from the market. This is to ensure that everything we bring inside our home is squeaky clean.  

4. Soap

(Image from Pixabay)

Price: Php 38 (Protex)

Why buy: It’s effective in removing germs and viruses from our hands and body. When washing hands, don’t forget to rub thoroughly for 20 seconds!

5. Bathroom Tissue

Price: Php 40 (Smart Choice)

Why buy: it’s a home essential! It’s also best to use tissue in wiping off things that need to be disposed of vs. just using a cloth that would carry germs until they get washed.

6. Dishwashing Liquid

Price: Php 73 (Extra Clean)

Why buy: Of course, we need to keep our utensils squeaky clean as well! This particular product comes in 2 pouches for more savings.

7. Poysian

Price: Php 58

Why buy: A personal recommendation. With the heat and unavoidable stress during ECQ, I usually end up with a headache. These menthol inhalers/sticks can help a lot when it comes to pain relief.

8. Canned Goods (e.g. Hunts Pork and Beans 390g)

Price: Php 48

Why buy: Canned goods don’t spoil easily and it can sit on the shelf even during worst case scenarios (e.g. no electricity, no way to cook food, need to pack something on the go).

9. Frozen Goods (e.g. Beef Loaf)

Price: Php 28 (8 slices)

Why buy: Since the situation is still under control, we can still enjoy the luxury of cooking at home. Frozen goods can also be ordered via the Shopee Mart and their beef loaf is also quite affordable!

10. Caffeine Sources (Coffee or Tea)

(Image from Pixabay)

Price: Php 15 (UCC Coffee) / Php 5 (Lipton Tea)

Why buy: Although it’s important to drink lots of water, adding a bit of flavor can boost our mood. My mornings are always better with coffee so I’d recommend getting these items on sale.

Note that Shopee Mart’s 5-5 Sale will end at 12MN on Tuesday (May 5, 2020). This is the most affordable price on the platform that we can get this month on top of available 5.5. vouchers. #ShopeeAtHome offers different items from different categories – Health & Personal Care, Food & Beverage, Babies & Kids, and even Home & Pet Care for as low as P5 with free shipping at P0 minimum spend.

Aside from our top 10 ECQ essentials listed above, brands like P&G, Wyeth, Nestle, Unilever, Enfagrow, and Abbot are also offering up to 50% off on their products.

To begin shopping, visit or open your Shopee app (downloadable via Apple App Store and Google Play Store). For other tipid tips, you can follow Manila Millennial on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram!

Hope this helps. Keep safe and healthy, everyone!

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  1. Thanks for this Ms.Ces.. Minsan kasi kapag nag papanic tayo nakakalimutan na naten mga dapat at hindi dapat bilhin. Thanks for this lists talaga .😍😍

  2. Great list! In fair, dami pang product na essential at this time na under Php100. Thanks for this Ms Ces 🤗

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