STYLE TIPS: Bea Constantino, Pam Quiñones on picking the right jeans for different occasions

As someone with a 9-6 job, constantly struggling to have a life outside the office through events, parties, or other social gatherings, it’s usually a challenge for me to find something that is comfortable to wear for an entire day, appropriate for different occasions, and affordable enough so as not to break the bank. I’m sure that I’m not the only one with this dilemma.

For everyone constantly looking for style inspos online, here are tips and samples from fashion sylists Bea Constantino and Pam Quiñones during the Uniqlo EZY Jeans launch event at the Uniqlo flagship store in Glorietta 5 last Thursday (February 13, 2020). We don’t get to consult stylists every day so they’ve got usual situations like day-to-night, church-to-date, and more covered. They even have a solution on elongating silhouettes for short girls!


For girls: Soothing colors, versatile pieces

Still soothing on the eyes, I wanted it to be different colors but somehow, when you look at it, it still feels seamless. It’s something that people say ‘mabango sa mata’, and then perhaps, a blazer,” shares Pam as she styles the model. Our favorite part of this look – the shirt jacket that looks like a blazer without padding. It just falls naturally on the shoulders and complements the EZY 2-way stretch ankle pants really well.

For guys: Day-time dapper look

“One of the trends that was really huge in the male movement is the dapper look. We wanted to give it a more casual look so we wanted to do a day-time dapper look,” shares Bea. The dapper look was originally meant for structured outfits for a more “gentlemen”-like vibe, but now, according to Bea, “we can all add a little casual vibe to things because we all wear different hats during the day.”

EZY Ankle Pants have EZY Care Technology, which prevents them from getting wrinkles, especially while it’s in your bag during out-of-town trips. On the other hand, the Cando Blazer in both #OOTDs don’t have a lining, making it comfortable and wearable even with the Philippines’ hot weather.


For girls: Grunge look in light colors

Instead of the usual grunge, dark vibe, we wanted to move away from that and then do like a grunge but just light, easy on the eyes look,” explains Pam. “I really like these jeans, it’s high-waisted, pleated, and it’s very comfortable and also very flattering. I actually wear a lot if this. I find that I can move very well in trousers or jeans. This is the kind of jeans that elongates you when you’re wearing heels.

These jeans can be paired with either a rayon shirt or a cropped top with a long-knit cardigan on top for a grunge vibe.

For guys: Navy tonal look

Imagine this: Basics but chic! Toss in a blazer or parka for an instant “creative” vibe even on your outfit.

“If you look at it from afar, it looks like a really structured, stiff denim fabric, but it’s actually really soft,” shares Bea. “You can also add a crew-neck shirt.”


For girls: Casual prep

For this look, Bea and Pam used a striped sweater shirt, high-rise flare distressed denim jeans, and a parka from Uniqlo.  

The way that they stitched it (jeans), it elongates your frame instantly,” shares Bea. According to Pam, on the other hand, these jeans would go well with heels, pumps, or even boots!

You can add an easy-on-the-eyes parka. This is an oversized parka which sits very well with the layered look. It’s like a rose quartz shade,” adds Pam.

For guys: Casual prep

With the Miracle Air 3D jeans, “the silhouette kinda curves out and then curves back in again, so it elongates your legs and the way they stitched it is also innovative,” explains Bea. “If you look at it, it seems loose but it’s actually shape-hugging.” The looks is completed with a striped shirt and a jacket.


For girls: Feminine but flexible

For something like this, it feels very feminine, very pretty, you kind of want to balance it off with a really casual pair of shoes – sneakers go really well with that because it’s very comfortable,” explains Pam about the look. Good to note that the pleated top is also “very forgiving” for a Sunday gathering with the family since we can eat a lot and not sulk about having a tight outfit after!

For guys: Tone-on-tone styling

An Airism short-sleeved polo shirt, EZY pants 2-way stretch, and a light jacket to be wrapped around the neck like a cardigan can be a go-to style.

If you noticed, it’s all around the tones of greys, charcoal, and black and a little bit of white just to change it a little bit,” explains Bea. The look that she picked is very versatile and can be used for both Sunday family activities, hangout with friends, or even a casual date night with your girlfriend.


There are certain ways to make our legs seem longer. For Pam and Bea, wearing high heels is their favorite. In fact, we learned that you can also tie the strap of your heels (if they have straps) around the end of your jeans to create a ruffle-like effect. This helps, but letting the jeans fall also works.

I want to show my short torso by even emphasizing my legs (to seem) longer, which is why I wear it (jeans) a bit higher and then make my legs even longer by relaxing the pants size, letting it fall,” shares Pam. “After more (than) 15 years of styling, I started to realize that all these rules are really customized to yourself because not everyone has the same size or short torsos. You really have to find the right silhouette for you and then once you find it, embrace it!”

Being in 2020, I think rules sometimes apply, but sometimes, you make your own. It doesn’t have to be a certain formal look for work or it doesn’t have to be a super glamorous party/clubbing look at night and it’s still appropriate, you know?,” ends Pam to encourage people to experiment more with their outfits.  

We’ve got a lot of experimenting to do and more jeans to check out because to be honest, Uniqlo’s latest release are way more comfortable than any other skinny jeans we’ve tried before. In fact, I’ve already copped one from their collection right after getting tips from Bea and Pam!

Uniqlo EZY high-waisted jeans (P1,990)

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