Taste Test: 24 CHICKEN and their Korean special fried chicken in Manila

Winner, winner, chicken from lunch to dinner!2

If you ask students who frequent areas like Taft, España, and Legarda about the best place to get affordable Korean Fried Chicken, 24 Chicken would probably be the first thing that they would suggest. I know because it’s not the first time that I’ve heard of the place! In fact, we first tried this via delivery some time during the first half of 2019 but never had the chance to write about it ‘coz we’re just always so hungry! Who would say no to flavorful meals for as low as P85 anyway? I wouldn’t.

Entire meal fit for P1,000 budget!

With our never-ending chicken cravings (thanks to Baby Yoda chimkin nuggies memes), we recently made our way to 24 Chicken’s hole-in-the-wall along Taft Avenue, just a few steps away from De La Salle University. From the outside, the place looks like an ordinary fastfood place with stools and limited tables, but once you receive your chicken meals, I’m 100% sure that you won’t mind feeling cramped anymore.


24 Chicken menu as of January 2020. Snow Cheese has a separate poster.

Before going to 24 Chicken, we highly suggest that you check the menu in advance to make queueing faster or you can just ask their staff regarding best sellers just like what we did! If you just need a quick meal, opt for the rice meals – either with 2pcs of chicken (P85-P90) or with 3pcs (P113-P120). If you’ll be dining in groups of 4 or more, go for the Half Half Chicken (P420 or P440) so you can instantly try two flavors. 

Here are flavors recommended by their staff:

24 Chicken Jack Daniels
  • Jack Daniels – My favorite out of the four that we tried. It doesn’t taste like pure Jack Daniels but there’s something about the flavor that makes it so savory (or that’s just my millennial tastebuds talking)!
24 Chicken Snow Cheese
  • Snow Cheese – A new limited flavor that is a must-try for cheese lovers. It’s basically boneless fried chicken covered in cheese powder but the combination’s just too irresistible to be ignored. I can clearly recall how the juicy hot white meat absorbed the cheese powder in every bite!
24 Chicken Yangnyeon
  • Yangnyeom – The hardest flavor to pronounce, yet also the easiest to pick if you’re looking for something distinctly Korean. An awesome combination of sweet and spicy. Best to get something a bit salty with this to balance out too much K-Flavor.
24 Chicken Lemon Glazed
  • Lemon Glazed – A sweet flavor, almost too sweet for my tastebuds. Imagine adding a lemon candy to your chicken meal. That’s what it tastes like – the good kind of candy, though!

Other flavors:

  • Original
  • Yangnyeom with Garlic
  • Yangnyeom x2 (for adventurous people who can stand more chilli)
  • Garlic
  • Spicy BBQ
Half Half: Lemon Glazed (left) and Snow Cheese (right), which makes up one whole boneless chicken.

No matter what you’ll pick, it’s important to balance out your choices and add some rice if you’re feeling extra hungry. Go for something sweet with spicy or salty to keep your tastebuds wanting more. Half-half!


Location-wise, the 24 Chicken branch in EGI Taft is quite easy to find. Upon entering the building, you’ll immediately see their logo at the end of the hallway. You just won’t be able to notice it unless you’re passing through EGI to get to La Salle.

It can get crowdy towards dinner time from 5:30 onwards so it’s best to head there earlier if you plan on dining in. Seats are limited so better be ready with a Plan B! Albeit the seating capacity, I admire how 24 Chicken manages to keep the place clean. Props to the consumers dining in as well for willingly practicing CLEAN AS YOU GO.

To manage expectations, let us get this straight: 24 Chicken is a student-friendly place for people on the go. Don’t expect fancy cutlery because here, they use paper plates and chopsticks in hopes of helping manage waste. Getting plastic spoon and fork will cost you P1 per pair.

They have branches at P. Noval Dapitan and España, Leon Guinto, Mendiola, Legarda, Pedro Gil, and EGI Taft (where we went). Despite the “24” in “24 Chicken”, the store isn’t open 24/7. They open from 10AM to 9PM from Monday to Saturday.


Over-all, 24 Chicken is a sulit experience for me. Budget-friendly, flavorful, fulfilling, and no-fuss meals will always be part of my go-to list. Will we come back for more? Definitely! We suggest that you try it, too. Best paired with pizza for house parties if you want to get some via delivery!

Remember: When dining in, order before taking a seat – unless you’re with a group of people. At 24 Chicken, you have to do everything yourself – from ordering food to cleaning up as you go. Maybe it’s their way of making consumers more responsible about their mess and I LOVE IT.

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