Which watch is which? Choosing between the Huawei GT2, Band 4 and Band 4E

Why get a normal watch when you can have a watch that acts as a fitness coach, a health assistant, and many other things in one? Those were exactly my thoughts during the launch of Huawei’s new lineup of wearables – the Huawei GT 2 46mm, Huawei Band 4, and Huawei Band 4e – last Saturday (October 26, 2019) at the Mall of Asia by the Bay. Although we’ve brushed off the first few versions of “fitness bands” that only count the steps, choosing between the three new releases became a challenge. In case you want to know the main difference, specs, and how we came to a conclusion, just keep reading!

To test out the capabilities of each wearable, Manila Millennial, along with other content creators, were challenged to visit five different stations with treadmills, stationary bikes, basketball hoops, ladder drills, and a photo booth. In each station, we got to test all 3 wearables to see its unique features.  

  WATCH GT 2 46mm BAND 4 BAND 4E
Dimensions 45.9 x 45.9 x 10.7 mm 56 x 18.5 x 12.5 mm 40.5 x 14.8 x 11.2 mm
Weight 41g 24g 13g
Build Stainless steel frame, ceramic back Silicon rubber Wrist strap from PET (recycled yarn)
Water Resistance 50m 50m 50m
Display OLED capacitative touchscreen TFT color screen PMOLED black-and-white screen
Size 1.39 inches, 6.2 cm2 0.96 inches 0.5 inches
Bluetooth calling Available Not available Not available
Features Accelerometer, gyro, heart rate, pedometer, barometer, compass, stress management, sleep tracker, in-device music, message notifications, flashlight, weather, alarm, find my phone, 13 running courses, 15 workout modes, etc. Alarm, pedometer, heart rate, sleep tracker, 9 workout modes, timer, calories, stopwatch, find phone, customizable watch face, message  and incoming call notifications, achievement reminders, stand reminder High-precision action recognition algorithm, pedometer, distance, calories, achievement reminders, workour time and distance, stand reminder, sleep time, alarm, message reminder, incoming call notification, find phone
Battery 455 mAh 91 mAh 77 mAh
Charging USB charging Built-in USB charging port USB-to-pogopin charging cradle
Colors Matte Black, Pebble Brown Sakura Pink, Graphite Black, Amber Sunrise Sakura Coral, Misty Grey

HUAWEI WATCH GT 2: For the All-Around Pal


At first glance, the Huawei Watch GT 2 46mm is indistinguishable from a high-end timepiece. It has a minimalistic design that can look good with any outfit that you’re wearing. However, it may be too big for ladies as it tends to take up the entire width of your wrists. A 42mm version is also available.

It looks very sleek with a 3D glass face for a bezel-less look. Classic on the outside, futuristic on the inside.


Powered by a Huawei Kirin A1 chipset, the GT2 has a two-week battery life, sports training, hearty rate monitoring (powered by TruSeen 3.5), sleep monitoring (powered by TruSleep 2.0), stress monitoring (powered by TruRelax), and smart assistant functions (Bluetooth calling, music playback, weather, alarms, etc.) are just some of the features that make the Watch GT 2 a stylish companion device. The Huawei Watch GT 2 46mm offers two more fluoroelasmeter straps when you purchase the device.


The Watch GT 2 Classic (Refined Gold for the 42mm and Pebble Brown for the 46mm) is at P13,990 while the Watch GT 2 Sport (Night Black for 42mm and Matte Black for 46mm) is at P10,990.

HUAWEI BAND 4: For the Health-Conscious Fashionista


Although the rubber straps of the watch cannot be changed, unless you purchase from third party stores, the Band 4 has customizable watch faces to make up for a user’s preferred style and/or functionality. The size is just enough for a petite person’s wrist and it’s suitable for wrist sizes 14 to 21 cm. With its 17mm strap, it’s easy to adjust the fit as well.


Equipped with state-of-the-art health monitoring software such as Huawei TruSeen 3.5 and TruSleep 2.0, the Huawei Band 4 helps users develop better fitness and sleep habits. The Band 4 fulfills the role of a professional trainer by suggesting suitable workout routines based on heart rate data generated by TruSeen 3.5, and even features nine (9) exercise modes for more accurate data monitoring. Our favorite feature remains to be the Sleep Tracker, which offers tips on how a user can relax and sleep better at night.


Huawei Band 4 costs only P1,890 – really far from the GT2. The price is already reasonable, considering all the features that come with it.

HUAWEI BAND 4E: For the Active Eco-Warriors


The Band 4E is somehow similar to the Band 4. The main difference would be its straps – which are made out of recycled PET bottles made into yarns, and its two modes – wrist and foot. You can wear it on your wrist or on your shoe!


The E in Band 4E stands for “extension”. It offers not just 9 workout mode but also has a dedicated Basketball Mode that records air-time data and average moving speed (among others) for in-depth performance analysis and improvement – making it an added feature/extension as to what the Band 4 can offer.

Featuring a wrist and foot mode, the Huawei Band 4E takes performance monitoring to new heights (or strides). While wrist mode monitors heart rate and calories burned, foot mode delves into detailed foot strike analysis using 6-Axis Motion Sensor to help minimize injuries during intense workouts.


The most affordable out of the three, the Huawei Band 4E costs only P1,390.


All three wearables should be connected to a Huawei Health app, which provides professional sports guidance for your activities. The app provides a detailed record of information about your weight history, daily burned calories, heart rate, sleeping habits, etc. From the exercise tab, users can record all their day to day physical activities.

To help promote active wellness and self-improvement habits amongst Filipinos, Huawei also partnered with Anytime Fitness to guide people with their health goals through a combination of personalized coaching and the cutting-edge convenience of Huawei’s wearables.


Based on our lifestyle and aesthetic concerns, we opted to get a Huawei Band 4 out of the three. It’s affordable, it’s efficient, and it’s already enough for my lifestyle since I don’t really workout that much anyway. Although the GT2 looks very promising, its uses may not be fit for our daily tasks since we’re glued to our phones almost 24/7. The size is also too big for my wrist! I would have gotten the Band 4E to save more but I also don’t play basketball (which I think is essential to maximize its use). Having eco-friendly straps is a good selling point, though.

In choosing your wearable, just make sure that its something that you can pair with your lifestyle and can fit in your budget!

To know more about these wearables, visit Huawei’s website here. For more details about our impressions on the Huawei Band 4,  follow Manila Millennial on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter!

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