NEW FINDS: How to use, concept behind 5-year one-liner diary ‘1 Line Journal’

“Dear Diary… I’m about to switch to something less time-consuming.”

Yup, gone are the days when diaries were a thing! Now that we have social media, everything is just out in the open. However, for people like us who still prefer to keep things private while trying to remember the important bits and pieces of our lives (good for five years), there’s this new thing called the 1 Line Journal. This is actually the first time that I’ve encountered such a thing, given that all the diaries and journals in the market are only good for one year. Since we’ve made a switch, let us take you through the 101s of this new concept of journaling.

Grey 1 Line Journal (Photo by Carlos Lampitoc)

The 1 Line Journal, which was created by local stationery line Hi, Passion, serves as a tool to help you look back at the past five years (or less) of your life through one-liner highlights written on each page. It can be anything – a milestone, a failed exam, an embarrassing moment, a striking emotion – anything that the user wants to remember and look back on. It’s practically a diary for those who don’t have enough time to write long entries a.k.a. people like us!

Black variant of the 1 Line Journal (Photo by Carlos Lampitoc)

What’s nice about this is that you can start using the journal any day since there are no specific years indicated on each page. It only has the month and day, accompanied blanks for the years so you can fill out those parts once you decide to start your entries.


Sample entries on a yellow 1 Line Journal.

The rules are simple (but you can opt to break it, anyway!):

1. Once you decide to use your 1 Line Journal, look for the month and day on the pages and start your entry on the topmost row.

2. Write what year it is and encircle/underline/put any marking on the day of the week.

3. Before going to bed, think of a brief description of anything memorable from your day and put it into words. It can even be a quote or lyrics from a song. Anything will do!

4. Move on to the next page until you reach a full circle – back to the page where you began.

5. Do it all again on a different row, but this time, reflect on what happened a year before – which you can see on the topmost row -before writing down your new entries.



Brown cover up-close

Hi, Passion, operating under Im-Press Enterprises, is being managed by millennial entrepreneur Tessa Distor. She took inspiration from similar journals but added her own flair to make it more interesting, less time-consuming, and more sustainable for the users.

My and this product’s ultimate goal is to help people appreciate their lives more. I hope ‘1 Line Journal’ will help them realize that a bad day will not be as bad as it is in the next years; and that they be reminded of their past goals and the reasons why they do what they do,” explained Distor. “I hope people realize that a bad line is not the whole story, but rather part of a bigger, more wonderful story. I hope years later, they see a line they wrote and they will be reminded of their goals and the reasons why they do what they do.”

A true millennial, Distor also shares the same love for the environment as we do, so she also included ways to keep the packaging and the whole thing more sustainable for people who love to write.

It would be a unique gift this holiday season, TBH.

The fact that this journal is good for five years, I can say that as it is, it is already sustainable. I tried to use recycled paper for the inside pages, but unfortunately, I needed to use a premium one so it will last for five years and be good for keeps for a lifetime. The packaging, in turn, is recycled kraft paper,” she added.


1 Line Journal is retailed at P499.00 only – and it is already good for five years, so that’s like P99.8 per year! Imagine the papers you will save. To add to that, after the user completes the five years, the product isn’t meant to be thrown away. Therefore, it will never (at least in the user’s lifetime) be part of the earth’s waste.

1 Line Journal in all 4 colors (Photo by Carlos Lampitoc)

It’s currently available in 4 colors – black, grey, brown, and yellow. You can already place your orders via or through Hi, Passion’s social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Looks like we now know what we’re going to give away this Christmas and… right about now. To know how you can win your own 1 Line Journal for FREE, visit Manila Millennial’s Facebook or Instagram page for the giveaway mechanics.

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