For the neat freak and the forgetful: How to label everything in just a few minutes

For the past few months, I’ve been really forgetful for some unknown reason. According to the experts at Google (because I don’t have time to see a doctor), it might be due to anxiety or too much stress. To keep my normal routine going, I used to rely on sticky notes – which eventually fall off along with any trace of memory that I had about the whereabouts of my things. Good thing that by some divine intervention of some sort, I was recently introduced to a new labelling system that is durable, easy to use, and quicker than any brown fox jumping over a lazy dog. I was immediately able to label everything – from files and folders to spices and boxes. Labelling relationships not included.

Without further ado, meet the Brother P-Touch Cube Labeler. This small cube dispenses personalized labels straight from anyone’s phone through an app that is available on both iOS and Android. With just a few taps, words in your chosen font size and style can be printed on sticky tapes that are waterproof. Peel away and poof: You have your ready-to-stick label!

There are tapes in different colors and sizes to choose from. These make labels stand out and easy to spot for forgetful fellas like me. Simple laminated tapes are also available for neat freaks who just want to keep things filed orderly in a minimalistic way.

How to use it:

  • Download the PT-Design&Print app via Google Play or Apple App Store and create your account.
  • Set up your P-Touch Cube by adding batteries on one side and placing the tape of your choice on the other.
  • Turn on your P-Touch Cube and connect it to your mobile via Bluetooth.
  • Choose a template and personalize your labels through the app.
  • Adjust the size and color of the tape to ensure that you get the correct printout and then click PRINT.
  • Wait for the tape to come out of the cube and then press the scissor logo to cut the tape.
  • Cut the other side of the tape and you’re good to go!

Printing one label can be done in less than a minute, but that will mostly depend on how long you’ll take to type in words through your phone. Let me warn you that it’s challenging to pick designs, though! The P-Touch App has so many cute graphics and emojis to include in each label. H

As for the size, it’s very portable. The sleek and compact design, plus long-lasting battery power (6 AA batteries) allows it to be brought and used anywhere it’s needed, whether at home, in school, or in the office. For only P3,950, you can already label everything you need. I was able to add markers on every box and drawer in my room, thanks to the P-Touch Cube Labeler. It’s smudge-proof and it looks way more professional than masking tapes with notes.

There’s also a bigger version of the P-Touch Cube for those who need to add more details to each tape. P-Touch Cube+ works the same way, but it can print more lines which can be used in adding expiry dates to food, reminders for medicine, or notes for anything you can think of. The P-Touch Cube+ costs P7,950 at Power Mac Centers in SM North EDSA, SM Megamall, Greenbelt, and Rockwell.

These labelers can be used for different things: Organizing files, designing scrapbooks and journals, adding your info to all your belongings, labeling kitchen containers, and printing notes for gifts. The possibilities are just limitless! We heard someone was able to use this to personalize ribbons, too. I have no complaints so far, it’s just that the batteries that I used easily got drained. Might be due to too much printing!

This was able to help me find things easily, so I do hope it can help you, too – may it be for ~aesthetics~ or just organizing your stuff. If you were to own a P-Touch Cube, what would you want to label? Let us know your thoughts by tagging Manila Millennial via FacebookInstagram, or Twitter! 

Now, can anyone recommend a good way to keep my memory alive, aside  from these easy peasy labels?😂

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