Mirrorless vs DSLR: Choosing between Canon EOS 90D and M6 Mark II

Professional photographer ka ba? 

May you be a pro or a newbie, or someone who takes photos for a living or just for the ‘gram, there are camera types that can cater to your every need. Canon’s two new flagship APS0C models that were recently released are a testament that their brand is open to all types of photography (and videography) enthusiasts – may you be a pro or a new user. I certainly am not a professional, but creating content is something I do on a day-to-day basis, so let us take you through our thought process on choosing between the Canon EOS 90D and EOD M6 Mark II. This might be able to help you if you’re a content creator and/or a Social Content Manager just like me!

Canon EOS 90D

First, consider where you’ll be using the photos. In my case, I use a camera for both work and play – taking event photos, concert photos, blog features, social media content, and even video snippets from interviews and fun activities. For other occasions, I already use my phone. Second, check your budget: Are you willing to spend a lot for leisure? How long will it take you to get an ROI (return of investment)? And lastly, check which equipment is easiest to understand or if you have time to learn how to maximize your camera’s features.


Canon EOS 90D

The latest addition to the EOS DSLR line, the Canon EOS 90D, is armed with enhanced ergonomics and operability, an advanced viewfinder, and Canon’s unique high-speed, high-precision Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus technology. It’s equipped with a 32.5-megapixel APS-C sensor, which can capture striking images and videos – particularly fast-moving subjects.

What we love about this is its Eye Detection AF, which automatically detects the eye of subjects to track them and maintain focus even while they’re in motion. That would be great for nailing that concert shot or an intense sports match! Another advantage of the EOS 90D is its build, which helps you maintain a good grip of your camera. Would be perfect for clumsy people like me, TBH.


Canon EOS M6 Mark II

EOS M6 Mark II, on the other hand, is the newest addition to the EOS M series of mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras. Enhanced with fast-locking and fast-tracking autofocus for capturing unexpected moments, this camera’s compact and lightweight body has a 32.5-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor to ensure vibrant and detailed images and uncropped 4K movie shooting that captures a wider perspective.

As a mirrorless camera, this one is honestly easier to use for beginners like me who also use cameras for vlogging. It’s very light and you can flip the screen upwards for selfie shots. Plus, this also delivers top-notch DSLR performance with its CMOS sensor, giving users the creative freedom to capture shots even under low-light conditions. Unlike other brands and models, the M6 Mark II allows super slow-motion shots at 120p/100p in Full High Definition. For audio, you can opt to use the built-in microphone or mount an external mic to record sounds.

Canon EOS M6 Mark II

On top of everything else, I love the fact that you can put an Electronic Viewfinder EVF-DC2 to check image framing while keeping the camera close to you for steady shooting. It’s actually something I wish my current mirrorless camera had.


Left: Canon EOS M6 Mark II, Right: Canon EOS 90D

Canon also offers different types of lenses to come with your camera. Visit a store near you for more details about what suits your photography needs. These are something worth saving up for, too.


Given that I do not consider photography as my line of business nor do I consider myself as a pro when it comes to the “right mix” in manual photography, I’m currently leaning towards getting a Canon EOS M6 Mark II because of its features and build. It’s something that I can easily use, carry around, and it costs less than a DSLR even though it can deliver DSLR-like performance! Having a USB Type-C option for transferring files is a huge plus for me since I’m on my laptop for almost 12 hours a day. The EOS 90D also has a Canon Camera Connect App for easy photo transfers, though! It’s just that I personally feel that an agile camera like the EOS M6 Mark II suits me better and it fits in most of my bags, too.

I would love to try getting a DSLR when I find enough time to play around with my equipment and finally focus on visuals for my craft. Not closing the door on the EOS 90D as it seems very promising!

Choosing mirrorless over DSLR and vice versa shouldn’t be an issue as well. Just remember that great photographers can produce awesome photos, no matter what equipment they’re using. The camera features are just a plus to make our output even better. 😉

Well, this looks like something we’ll have to add to our to-buy list soon – that’s if Canon doesn’t release a new version that tops the current features! Know other photography must-haves that we should check out soon? Let us know by getting in touch with Manila Millennial via FacebookInstagram, or Twitter!

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