5 Things you shouldn’t miss at Fantastic Chef Famous Unli Korean BBQ (3+1 FREE promo included)

Samgyeopsal and Korean barbecue have become part of the most sought after dishes in the Metro. Aside from the style which was adapted from Korea, Filipinos are now given the chance to experience what it’s like to eat fresh-off-the-grill type of meat. The best part? Restaurants usually offer “unli meat” in their menu!

We’ve been fans of Korean BBQ for a long time and our usual comment would be the lack of appetizing presentation and the way we smelled like after cooking. However, Fantastic Chef in Malate Manila addressed just that. The smell of smoke did not stick to our clothes that much, compared with other places we’ve been to. The presentation is also A+ with their 4-layered meat trays and plates that are divided into 5 portions for space-saving purposes.

A sister company of Fantastic Baka in Quezon City, Fantastic Chef takes pride in Chef Jang Jungyun – the “Fantastic Chef” who created their menu after her work in Gaon, a Michelin 3-starred restaurant in Seoul, Korea. Here’s a look at five notable things about the place:

1. Various meat slices

For only P499, guests can enjoy unlimited Skirt Meat, Rack, Jowls Meat, Seasoned Pork Neck, Pork Belly, Thin Pork Belly, Spicy Pork Bulgogi, Seasoned Chicken BBQ, and Spicy Chicken BBQ. Then, for P549, you can already add an unlimited Beef Plate and Seasoned Beef Plate to your grill.

Take note that they have a P200 penalty for leftovers so you better eat everything! Children between 3 to 4.2ft are entitled to a 50% discount while children below 3ft are free of charge.

2. Unli Side Dishes

Although side dishes never take the spotlight in any meal, it’s hard to ignore what Fantastic Chef has to offer. They have a generous serving of steamed egg, soup, cheese, kimchi, fish cakes, chapchae, coleslaw, seasoned lettuce, and plain lettuce for your grilled meat.

Really enjoyed munching on their steamed egg, soup, and seasoned lettuce, by the way! Everything’s tasty and you’ll notice how the chef has put in effort on each side dish vs just a bland side dish served in other places.

3. Korean alcohol

My friends and I got some Soju, a popular Korean alcohol, in different variants. We highly recommend Jinro Green Grape, though! It’s best served when chilled. You can choose from Korean Beer, Soju, Mak Geol Li, Baek Se Ju, and other local products like San Miguel Pale Pilsen, Apple, and Light.

For those who prefer the classic drinks, don’t worry because they also offer Coca-Cola products and juice.

4. Greek Yogurt Ice Cream and other desserts

Another thing to love about Fantastic Chef is their wide range of Korean Ice Cream flavors. They have sundae-like cups, fish-shaped waffle ice cream, fruity popsicle sticks, yogurt ice cream, and other Korean treats. For around P100, you can get a Greek Yogurt Ice Cream! It has drizzles of strawberry/blueberry inside the yogurt-like ice cream coated with white chocolate. Not too sweet, but definitely fulfilling.

5. 3+1 Promo

For every group of 4, only 3 diners will be paying the full price while the other one gets to eat for FREE! However, this is only applicable from 11 AM – 4 PM daily in their Malate branch. Promo is available until June 30 only!  For those eating in groups of 8 or 12, 2-3 people can eat for FREE! (As long as there are no latecomers in the group)

How to get there?

Fantastic Chef is located at 590 Remedios Circlr, Brgy. 702, Malate, Manila. You can see their signage from the fountain. There are a couple of bars and restaurants in the area so don’t get lost!

If you’re traveling via car, just search Fantastic Chef Malate via Waze. They have a parking area right in front of the resto. If you’ll be coming from Roxas Boulevard, just turn right at Remedios Street (corner of Rajah Sulayman Park) and go straight until you reach Remedios Circle. You’ll find it on the right side.

If you’ll be coming from Taft, turn right at Julio Nakpil, left at M. Adriatico Street, and then left again once you reach the entrance to Remedios Circle.

Those taking LRT1 can go down Quirino Avenue and walk 5 blocks to Remedios Circle, although this may not be advisable in the afternoon because of extreme heat here in the Philippines.

They’re open everyday from 11 AM to 6 AM of the next day.

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