Here’s where you can learn how to create your own Vegan Lipstick

A number of cosmetics brands from across the globe are riding the vegan hype (and for good reasons). Vegan makeup products are produced without animal-derived ingredients, as they’re made of plant-based formulas reportedly better for your skin, especially if you’re prone to delicate skin problems. We should actually embrace using plant-based smackers more because ingredients can be more easily absorbed through your mouth.

There are limited options for vegan matte lipstick brands these days, but over at the Philbeauty event, they’ll be teaching us how to create our own!

Backed up by 30 years of global beauty trade show experience, Malaysian company Informa Markets is bringing you the fifth year edition of Philbeauty from June 4-6 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.


This year, Philbeauty has partnered with the Philippine Society for Cosmetics Science to bring together the country’s most respected cosmetic scientists under one roof, including Marrie Strachan of Organic Artisan Lab Corp. Applauded for her own formulations of vegan matte crème lipsticks available in the Philippines and Australia, Strachan is taking her over-a-decade experience in creating natural beauty and personal care products to her workshop at the event. The goal is to empower beauty enthusiasts and aspiring beauty entrepreneurs by teaching how them how to create professionally made vegan matte lipsticks that are at par with global makeup brands. 

Vegan Matte Lipstick in C&M Light by Marrie Strachan

The participants can make sure that they can create vegan matte crème lipsticks made of professional and unique formulas that are at par with international beauty standards.  The ingredients are carefully selected, studied and tested, giving them the confidence that they’re equipped with safe beauty products that they can use, sell and start a living with,” Strachan shared.

We are making lip tubes together using natural and plant-derived, paraben-free, non-toxic and healthy ingredients. We are using plant oils and vegetable waxes in creating their very own liquid crème lipstick that they can surely be proud to share with their friends, or sell to people,” she added.

Plant-derived ingredients in vegan formulas contain more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to repair and hydrate your lips. The same concept as eating food in their natural state is healthier, you’re assured to use health-friendly lipsticks too with Strachan’s formulations. Vegan ingredients are as, if not more, effective than their synthetic counterparts.

Vegan Matte Lipstick in Vintage Mood by Marrie Strachan

The greatest reason for me to choose using vegan lipsticks is to prevent the suffering of animals all around the world. This may be a small impact for now, but if we will all join hands, we can inspire people to choose cruelty-free, vegan and healthy beauty products,” she shared.

Proceeds of her workshop will go to the development of the country’s first ever cosmetics garden by the Philippine Society for Cosmetics Science, which will be launched at Philbeauty in June. The garden will feature the country’s most dynamic plants with cosmetic use, as inspired by cosmetic gardens from different parts of the world.

After learning from Strachan, Philbeauty also showcases sessions that teach participants how to make their products FDA-approved, leading them towards the right path of launching their own beauty brands.

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A practicing natural and organic skincare formulator and educator, Strachan has been running Organic Artisan Lab Corp. in the Philippines and The Organic Artisan Lab in Australia for years. She currently works as a Skin Care Product Formulation consultant in New South Wales together with Anotec Environmental Pty. Ltd. in Moorebank, NSW, and works hand in hand in developing high performance skin care and cosmetics products with some of the well-known dermatologists and cosmetic scientists in the Philippines. She is actively working as skin care product developer in some beauty companies in Australia, too.


Philbeauty is also gathering over 200 beauty companies from 24 countries under one roof, catering to beauty businessmen and aspiring beauty entrepreneurs looking to launch products here and abroad. By signing up at Philbeauty, you can network with international and local producers of beauty brands in a business-focused setting. You can also interact with professionals that you’d need to build your own beauty brand– from local and international raw material suppliers, packaging manufacturers, cosmetic scientists down to people who can assist you with having your beauty brand FDA-approved. Admission is FREE! You just need to pre-register through their website.

We’ll be dropping by on the first day so we hope to see you there! Don’t forget to tag Manila Millennial in your photos on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram! For more details about other workshops, visit

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