2 Steps in achieving natural brows as told by Liza Soberano

Let’s face it: No one, not even the prettiest celebrities of our time, was born with perfectly shaped brows. Even our pageant bets on the global stage would admit that they allot time to define their features to up that brow game! Recently, actress and Maybelline It Girl Liza Soberano revealed how she does her brows and we’re all here for it because it’s super simple – we don’t need to hire a makeup artist for it! If this is what it takes for us to shine a bit like Liza, then sign us up.

Although the 21-year-old star can afford high-end products and services to emphasize her pretty face, she swears by a product called Maybelline Define and Blend, which is super affordable and handy.

“The Maybelline Define and Blend is perfect for ladies who want to level up their kilay. Reason why I love it so much is because it is easy to use, and it keeps my brows looking natural all day!” says Liza. “Even if I have natural looking brows, I feel like my brow game is stronger than ever!”

Here’s how she does it in two simple steps:

  1. Define – Refresh the way you draw on your brows with the product’s unique thin angled tip and smooth gliding, long lasting formula. It is purposively made thin for easy definition and to fill in sparse areas that will look most natural.
  2. Blend – Turn the pen around to reveal the brush or spoolie, which is created with precise bristles to help smudge out any harsh lines and keep the hairs tamed.

At an affordable price of P249, Maybelline’s Define and Blend comes in 4 shades that complement different Filipina hair colors: Grey Brown, Red Brown, Light Brown, and Natural Brown. I’m currently using Natural Brown but I also blend it with Light Brown at the corners near my nose in order to create an ombre effect.

I personally love how both ends of the pencil serve a certain purpose – it has a retractable brow pen on one end and a covered spoolie on the other. It saves space and it can fit even inside a clutch! No wonder even Liza swears by Maybelline’s Define and Blend.

Now that we’ve shared Liza’s secret with you, you can check out this product in Maybelline counters nationwide to try it for yourself. Don’t forget to tag Manila Millennial in your photos on FacebookTwitterand Instagram!

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