MNL Beer Fest 2019: A beer heaven right at the heart of Mandaluyong City

Weekends are made more fun with a bottle of cold beer in hand. I honestly don’t know why but there are specific beer flavors that I just crave for from time to time, and beer aficionados would definitely understand! We’ve already gone past our late teenage years when drinking beer just seemed like a “cool” thing to do. Now, it serves as a way for us to unwind (and even get our minds running during a pitch) while listening to good music. This is why events like the MNL Beer Fest -with over 55 types of beer, food, and live band performances – are hard to ignore!

From April 26-28, Greenfield District’s Mayflower Parking Space was transformed into a beer heaven for everyone who needs good music and tasty grub. We were able to try different types of beer – from the ones with the lightest to the strongest punches, the sweet, the sour, and even the bitter types straight from the tap. Those who are familiar with Mandaluyong City CBD can easily spot their location as this also coincides with weekend events like Kaleidoscope, a colorful Friday night market that features a play of lights; the Greenfield Weekend Market, which highlights the latest foodie finds and jazz music every Saturday; and the Sunset Fair every Sunday, which draws in families and pet lovers to cap the week.

The three-day festival is known in the community as the largest gathering of the finest breweries and microbreweries in the country. Previously known as the MNL Craft Beer Festival, the organizers decided to welcome aboard more brands by adding imported beer brands to the list. Now, the MNL Beer Festival is home to over 250 local and imported beer brands, which includes both artisanal craft and commercial beers. Not all these brands were able to join the festival but trust me when I say that those participating are definitely more than enough to get you a good night’s sleep!

As a sneak peek, here are our top 5 (in no particular order because it’s hard to choose) from this year’s MNL Beer Fest:

1.Les Deux Belges’ Pêcheresse

Bottled beer with a sweet peach taste, it’s almost hard to tell that it’s beer at first sip. Every sip will make you want more as it’s a very rare flavor. We were told that this Pêcheresse is popular among girls. I’d have to agree!

2. The Cebruery’s Guimaras Gose

Don’t let this artsy packaging fool you! As cute as it may look, this Guimaras Gose packs a powerful punch with its sour flavor that is also quite rare in the market. It may be due to acquired taste, but as someone who likes sour food, this gem from The Cebruary is a winner for me.

3. Hoegarden’s Rosée

A classic favorite, Hoegarden’s Rosée is ALWAYS on my list whenever I spend the night out with my friends. You can pair it with any food and enjoy it on its own. I’d grab a bottle in a heartbeat whenever I’m given the chance.

4. Ed&Son Craft Brewery Dapitan Beer

While checking the booths of each beer brand at MNL Beer Fest, Ed&Son Craft Brewery was one of the firsts to catch my attention – thanks to their tiger standee! Seeing the name “Dapitan Beer” and a tiger immediately gave me a hunch that this is a Thomasian beer. As an alumna from the University of Sto. Tomas (UST), I give two thumbs up! Gotta trust someone who has spent four years of their life in a school that is surrounded by lots of bars!

5. Baler Brewing Co’s Honey Wheat Beer

This is something I’d like to have beside me while lounging by the beach. The light taste of their Honey Wheat Beer seems like the perfect match for days when you want to relax and listen to crashing waves or soothing music.

Other participating breweries and beer concepts at the fest include 63 North Brewing Company, Amigos de la Playa Brewery, Boracay, Bulul Brewery, Cerveza Sagada, Desert Fathers Brewing Co., Engkanto, Flat Foot Brewing Co., Ibalon Craft Brew, Joe’s Brew, and Juan Brew. International brands, on the other hand, include Lindemans Brewery, Lefebvre Brewery, C Brewery, Dubuisson, Holgate Brewhouse, Moosehead, Lion, Estrella Galicia, Velkopopovicky Kozel, Pilsner Urquell, and as well as Corona Extra.

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Greenfield District has always been open to diverse lifestyle concepts that promote culture, the arts, and unique culinary experiences, with the goal of building togetherness. This year’s MNL Beer Festival is even more special because it’s a celebration of a larger variety of brews on a common stage. Whether home-grown or commercially-made, enthusiasts can try and discover something new,” said Atty. Duane A.X. Santos, Greenfield Executive Vice President and General Manager.

For now, this beer festival will be held in Manila, but organizers of the event are not closing their doors on exploring beyond the Metro. Who knows, there may be a beer festival heading to Visayas or Mindanao soon! In case you want to join upcoming beer events, you may visit their page at MNL BeerFest for updates.


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