Instagram and Facebook are down!? EyesUP is still up for your social media needs

Since Wednesday night (March 13, 2019), some users in the Philippines and around the globe have already started experiencing what seems to be the worst Facebook outage in its history. To add to that, the Instagram app has also been crashing and experiencing problems since the wee hours of Thursday (March 14, 2019). As a heavy social media user, I can’t help but think that there’s a looming downfall – just like what happened to Friendster. This feeling made me continue exploring EyesUP – a new social media app that promises to be devoid of trolls and clutter. I’ve heard about it in January but only had enough time to tinker with the app recently. No regrets! It seems that it will be staying in my phone for good.

EyesUP by MicroSLT has the main features that you use in other apps, except this one prioritizes fresh content on top of your Board. It also has a Discover tab for you to view other content from EyesUP users around the world, similar to that of Instagram. However, there’s a low chance for you to encounter fake accounts here! The app requires a mobile number before signing up and that number can only be used for one account in order to avoid fake users and trolls from lurking.

Here’s a list of current notable features, in case you’re planning to create a profile soon:

  • Photo and Video Sharing: EyesUP has a “Board” for friends and “Discover” tab for popular posts to make browsing easier. You can also check out what’s new per country and per category.
  • Instant Messaging: The personal chat and group chat features are easy to navigate and you can send everything – photos, videos, voice messages, and even contacts. The best part is that you still have a choice to delete messages that you sent in just a few taps.
  • FREE Audio and Video Calls: It doesn’t charge fees for international calls since it uses your phone’s Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or WiFi).
  • Personalized Profiles: Profile photos, cover photos, and create your own EyesUP ID. Anyone can freely follow your profile but only accounts that follow each other are classified as “Friends”.
  • Clutter-free Interface: Prioritizing only the features that are widely used, EyesUP looks very simple and clean compared with other social media pages. It’s continuously being developed and users are given the chance to vote for feature requests so they won’t be bombarded with way too many options at once.

What do you think? Is it time to create backup social media pages? Give it a try by downloading the app on Google Play or the App Store. Follow us on EyesUP, too!

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