Brows before beaus: 3 Must-try services from Brow Code, Makati City

When we were young, adults usually remind us to prioritize one B over the other – that’s books over boys. Now that we’re self-conscious 20-somethings, another B word has made its way on top of our ~beauty~ priorities – BROWS! True enough, “kilay is life” became a trend not just for women, but also for men who want to look good in a snap, all the time. This same yearning for a gorgeous “woke up like this” look recently brought us to the doorsteps of Brow Code in Makati City.

Specializing in eyebrow microblading artistry, Brow Code has been certified by David Brow Art International in Singapore. They have different experts which offer differ services like hair and makeup, lash lift, glutathione services, and microblading. To help you in deciding what to try during your visit, here are top 3 services that they specialize in:

1.Eyebrow Microblading

A well-known practice across Asia, microblading has been known for different names over the past two decades – there’s feathering, microstroking, eyebrow tattooing, and feather tattooing, to name a few. Similar to how people apply tattoos, eyebrow microblading involves implanting pigments within incisions in the skin. This semi-permanent makeup can last for over a year, depending on the type of pigment used.

The small blade used to insert pigments.

At Brow Code, the process takes about 2-3 hours. It starts with the process of drawing the desired style and arch of brows, followed by numbing cream application (that lasts for 30 minutes), before the actual micro-lacerations with the pigment that fits the individual’s hair color. This is topped off with a final application of tint to make sure that the brows remain natural-looking. They can also do shading, though! That’s if you want a makeup-like finish.

2. Lash Lift

If you want your eyelashes to look longer and fuller without the hassle of applying eyelash extensions every day, getting a lash lift is the way to go. It’s easier to maintain, lasts 2-3 months, and looks more natural.

The process will take only 1 hour but we saw how meticulous Brow Code’s staff are when applying the perming creams, so there’s nothing to worry about. It starts with the measurement of silicon that fits the length of the eyelashes, followed by lash cleansing to ensure that it’s squeaky clean. Lash glue will then be applied to the silicon before the perming product, which will be left on your lashes for 10 minutes. A neutralizer is also applied to lock the curl, while color can also be added to give off a mascara effect.

To be honest, the lash lift process at Brow Code is something that we’ve never seen before. There were lash lift services that we didn’t avail before due to reviews saying that their lashes ended up poking their eyelids, but the outcome looks way different here!

3. Gluta Drip/Push

When you say glutathione (gluta), people usually think about whitening. However, gluta is also used to help prevent liver diseases, reduce oxidative stress, and fight autoimmune diseases, among others. People take this for different reasons, and whatever reason you may have, we won’t judge! (Manila Millennial believes that you are free to do what you want to do with your body!)

Gluta Drip

At Brow Code, they offer both Gluta Drip (P1299 per session) and Gluta Push (P499 per session). Gluta Drip involves a higher dose with 2000mg of glutathione inserted via IV drip and takes longer than the latter. Gluta Push, on the other hand, only requires 600mg of glutathione which is injected to the vein really quick. If you want to have whiter skin faster, Gluta Drip is the way to go. Both of these are administered by a registered nurse.

Aside from these three options, Brow Code also offers hair and makeup services, semi-permanent eyeliner, lip tattoo, and Snow White drip. These may be quite pricey, but the effects are worth it! Make sure to call them for a reservation to ensure the availability of their experts.

We’ll be trying their microblading and lash lift next month so watch out for our posts on Manila Millennial’s FacebookInstagram,and Twitter pages! Know more about Brow Code and their services via:


Contact No.: (+63)917 860 9923

Address: Unit M01 Isabelle Royale Hotel & Suites, 4343 B. Valdez Street, Poblacion, Makati City

Facebook: Brow Code

Instagram: @browcodephofficial

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