SWATCHES: Maybelline SuperStay has 14 new shades for your ‘city-proof’ pout

Superstay? More like Super SLAY!

Millennial gals are known for always being up on their toes, mostly living a fast-paced city life. For the hustlers that jump from one event to another, there’s an ongoing hunt for that one lipstick that stays on all day and wears comfortably on the lips in a shade that suits you perfectly. But then again, why settle for just one lipstick when you can get as much as 14 shades?

Maybelline New York, a brand known for being a holy grail of liquid lipsticks – SuperStay Matte Ink — is bringing in more flattering and ultra-wearable shades that are inspired by the bold and iconic vibrant hues of New York City. We’re a huge fan of Gigi Hadid and seeing Maybelline lippies on her make us want to get the new set more than ever!

The Super Stay Matte Ink City Edition comes in 14 city-inspired shades of deep reds, burnt siennas, terracotta hues, and earthy nudes that suit Filipinas’ ‘city-proof’ pouts well. We’ve swatched all the shades ourselves and it’s quite hard to pick favorites in the bunch:

Available shades: Transformer, Testy, Founder, Seeker, Groundbreaker, Assertive, Globetrotter, Dancer, Ambitious, Artist, Inspirer, Delicate, Versatile, Self Starter


Like the previous formulation of the SuperStay shades, the Ink City Edition also promise to last for up to 16 hours. However, note that like any other lippies, SuperStay also has its limitations. Coming from our #CityProofChallenge, there were days when we were able to last one whole day at work (more or less 12 hours) without retouches and there were also days when it melted away due to the food we ate. If you don’t want to swipe additional layers on your pouts, stay away from super oily food throughout the day. On the bright side, that’s quite healthy for your body too!


Tip: Opt for darker shades if we have the same skin tone!

To know if the SuperStay must stay in your makeup bags, we made a list of pros and cons based on our experience:

Stays for up to 16 hours Transfer-proof Smudge-proof Matte and very pigmented Ink City Edition goes well with any outfit Smells like a super sweet candy Packaging is chic and durable Has an arrow applicator (precise application) Tends to make lips look dry (can be solved by adding a bit of gloss) Tacky/sticky on the lips Budges when eating oily food

Note: All shades can be quite hard to remove. Make sure that you have a makeup remover or at least Baby Oil when it’s time to wash it off.


You can tone down the matte effect by adding a bit of gloss. Promise, it makes a huge difference! Above: SuperStay in Versatile, below: SuperStay in Versatile with gloss.

Personally, it’s a must try for us! You’ll probably need at least one in your bag, especially for situations when you’re too busy to even retouch your makeup.


Personal favorites: Versatile, Globetrotter, Groundbreaker, Testy, Transformer

The SuperStay Matte Ink City Edition is already available in all Maybelline counters nationwide only P299 each.

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